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  1. No, really, I don't want to sell this or something ;D (It's gone now anyways) . Just waiting for devs explanaition how this happened.
  2. 04/01: MC SIDE . . . . Kamp-Ghaspel Library :bomb: Hah, April Fool's, it's actually in Bitter Ash Island @ Hyarvard ;D
  3. The main reason why I fail to see Warspear continue to be #1 MMORPG. Simply because the system is in most aspects unfair to players and give everyone that depressing feel.
  4. 03/31 MC side: Elder Beyn @ Fishermen village
  5. My friend got banned permenantly for having too many profiles. He had won a contest, had some sd's...
  6. Yeah devs, we promise we won't leave our characters afk farming items for gold and won't exploit this system by farming. Pinky swear.
  7. This casket was in market. When you try to buy it, you get DC. I tried buying it from different devices and accounts. WTF? You press buy and you get disconected, when you log in back your gold is still in bag but casket still in market.
  8. 03/28 MC Inglov, Leeward Island 03/29 MC Gamriz, Nadir
  9. They stop timer = we buy less potions. That's why they won't make it.
  10. Smilga

    Elusive Jump

    I use this build. Though for pvp best to swap kick in the back or dodge instead of gouge.
  11. Smilga

    Elusive Jump

    Shitley will scalp you if he sees this
  12. Do you have any source? Did devs said that? Because old caskets are still in market and there's nothing written on the new caskets that would indicate that they're not also.
  13. Many ppl are saying that these caskets with alligator costumes will not be tradeable, though I saw other people still selling old caskets with aviids heirs...
  14. Smilga

    Elusive Jump

    Nah, rogues were nerfed and nerfed and nerfed before.
  15. That casket is tradeable. You buy it from a player through exchange window.
  16. That is no bug. Bd rush ability is to run to a spot ( like teleport), taunt enemies in that spot ( like agressor, but bettrr, because you can spot out rogues) AND stun enemies ( Like charge). Oh, and also, you can run away from a battle with it.
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