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  1. Good job to Aigring and all staffs! :) Lel Hiper don't be such a mofo, stay positive bro :P


    @Peter or Aleks: With new quests and everything, will you extend bag slots someday? I can not even stack all quest items without deleting other items at the moment

    Just saying because sometimes expect much of anything and is not what we expected, I do not mean to be bad either I hope you understand me ... And the Bag's true I can not take all the quest
  2. Lel I bet that was like 1% of the elves

    Sure I was trying to attack but we was less than legion payers, if they wanted to attack us we surely lose.. But thx that they only like to defend it was a draw, I know a lot of legions were happy because the draw they don't know the bit of sentinels who joined the war
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