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    TheCore (EU-Emerald)

    Nice :) u talked duth?
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    TheCore (EU-Emerald)

    how its going here me and nime :drinks:
  3. ldss


    happened to to me i was selling winter knight a lv 12 want bought it, i exchange and she gived 120k then her bag was full she put a fish and 12 k for exchange but i was not stupid and canceled it i know that scammers look always at they amount that they give if the change it
  4. hassn dont help thecore, he never helped thecore, he just helping extremerz bcs he hate sos en marvel guild bcs they leaders from sos and marvel whre first in aoa but leaved hassn and maked an own guild to beat hassn
  5. Nice :) finalY an update. I just getting bored :) cant wait :D
  6. Hello all ;) All want be strong in warspear and dominate everyone. But its not alone lot of damage or best charh picked. I teach u how u can win pvp fights Get high defense Arena More At pvp fights u battle againts someone alone 1vs1 that can be done in arena if u partner agree and you battle partner agree to. But how you can win a pvp fight? Best is using skills and have high defense and damge ofcourse. How i get high defense? Try amplify u gears to maximum +10 But be warning at they discription when u amplify. They can be write low chance to sp!oil/ average chance to spoil and high chance to spoil. ( so i lost me arena staff.) How i can be sure i dont lose me weapon? Use signs. They are a bit expensieve but they help u dont lose, break U weapon. Arena? Arena is a place whre u can battle againts other factions or own factions. They are 3types of arena 2x2= u battle with someone vs 2 other 3x3= u battle with 3 vs 3 others 5x5= u battle with 5 vs 5 others Every arena fight win or lose u get ap( arena points) at every type of arena its different. But what i can do with arena points? U can buy many items, weapons., armors, costumes in they arena. Whre is they arena shop? Arena shop is in they first city of every map except swamps thre is no arena shop. All factions? Choosen= paladin, priest, mage Firstborn= bladedancer, ranger, druid Mountain clans= rouge, barberian, shamam Forsaken= deathknight, warlock, necromancer Every factions have they own maps to lvl up and join thre army in map 2( irselnorth) possible at lv12 Each factions have thre own difficult maps Forsaken and choosen map are difficult but firstborn and mountain clans is an easy map. How i lvl up? Do quests and complete them and report them to increase u xp. At a certain moment u xp is full then u lvl up at some lvls i get a point to lvl u skil up Lv2 1point Lv4 =1point Lv6= 1point Lv8= 1 point Lv10= 2poins Lv12= 1point Lv14= 1 point Lv16= 1point Lv18= 1 point Lv20= 2 points Thre is 20lvs in the game but our mods are busy with creating more lvls @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Want earn much arena points? Go spam arena with great gladiator elixer or just gladiator elixer and spam arena :) 2: dont want lose arena much because other are afk or not good amped then go with Friends or ask people to go with u (tip: check high people in arena list and ask them to help) 3: ofcourse u can lose some arena battles but with good partners u win the most. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Gold? Everyone need gold to buy great gears and weapons but they question is how get gold? Well... 1: farm bosses in irselnorth(map2) and at lv18 farm labyprint bosses( best is eye) then sell it to peoples 2: buy miracle coins and ask peoples what they need and sell them then @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Chainless? U get chainless at lv14 in a neutral city nadir sard. Chainless quests are they waY to be a friend with nadir sard and use them gears and weapons GREAT BUT WHAT NEED TO DO? Well u need go to u enemy side from irselnorth and kill them bosses. Yes its difficult @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ I hope i learned u something Have fun in the game (me english not so good :( ) Ldss
  7. I have same problem Lucky not AT me alone but fix thit
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