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  1. We captured first flag in 1 min haha. Then we got all flag in 12 min. Lol I'm EU emerald
  2. Roland Will the heroic mode still dropping costumes after this event?
  3. You think gm are fools? They didn't taught on that. I tried it myself and I warning other people's don't do it its a lie.
  4. Then go hunt it u self all day long to get a chest with nothing in. Good luck with that.
  5. No bg no drop for lv24 Only tt nd garden Do something about this lagg. Warspear extremely lagg.
  6. Lol I hve still 2 books gift from past updates I never use them
  7. Lol. In title all payment! Then except sms service
  8. Question: can all high lvls get drops in. Low lvl dungeons? So like lv23 in. Lv6 dungeon.... And in lv6 dungeon are thre 2h weapons?
  9. ldss

    mcoins problemes

    Hi I dont got me mcoins but it have eat me money. I buy directly Inside game. Sms option and i get sms that: I have not the right to do this service. Everytime i get now. I cant buy mcoins anymore. Pls fix this.
  10. Nice for the brs :) hve fun on the server. Now we want duth server:)
  11. How much will the skills cost? And can we sell it on market? Like item?
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