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    FantasyPremium got a reaction from Akasha in Legionner (lvl 6) using Bow (lvl 10)   
    Why are you scared.If you want to be level 6 arena player,just get the following items.
    -Novice Set
    -Get the Arena Points Items
    -Go for Full +10
    -Get Full Ice Queen
    And you are ready,because u won't be scared.
    I was level 6 arena player too.
    I had only 2x +7 Novice Blades and I killed Legionner very easy.
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    FantasyPremium got a reaction from adywijaya in How to make Video   
    Hello Warspear-Online Players!
    In this post I will tell you how to create simple gameplay video.
    Lets Start!
    Needed Softwares
    1.Download Bandicam
    Bandicam is super easy to use recording software.
    The Unregistered Version allow you to record only 10 minutes of gameplay,and also a watermark will appear on your videos.
    If you don't want that you can buy the full version.
    2.Editing Program
    I am using video editing program named Avidemux.Its simple and very easy to use.
    You can download it from here!
    Now you need to to record your gameplay and than edit it.
    Its super easy!
    Mobile Users
    There are few programs that allow you to record your screen,but they require rooted phone.Don't root your phone because you will "break it"
    Thanks for reading this guide!
    I will update it if I have something else to share with you!
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    FantasyPremium reacted to Jswaaz in Aigrind Answer Me Why?   
    did you buy miracle coins using a method outside of your country of origin
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