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  1. It's better to buff all classes in the point where it's hard to pick what Class you're going to choose because all of them are so damn powerful, by then no one can complain about unbalance skill, unbalance class, unbalance fanction because if all Classes are op then this is going to how to build better equipment, how to use unique fighting style, which skill you are going to use, and how to improve the skill combo, compare to nerfing all Classes just because of majority of players who want their Class to become op and nerf the enemy side. Developers should change their mindset about how to satisfy the players.
  2. The most nerf here is Absolute Reflexes of rogue, The only defense of rogue is Dodging and Absolute Reflexes, yes they did Strengthen the Dodging but, The nerf of Absolute Reflexes has a big impact for the Rogue users coz the Absolute Reflexes also give Attack Speed for offensive but they reduce the effectiveness of Absolute Reflexes from 14 seconds to 7 seconds, and This skill cannot be triggered while it's active because you have to wait 2 seconds after the skill expire to make this skill works again from enemies attack.. nope nope nope
  3. Can't wait for rogue Energy Consumption skill, expert skill Freenzy, useless expert will finally become useful in pve!!
  4. If you just want to feel like you achieve something great then why not make full awarded arena set and make it +10, If your problem is just about feeling about achieving something then you are in a wrong game.
  5. POV: after devs updated the amplification system to this suggestion, Devs 1: Where's the players? Devs 2: Bro they all quit.
  6. Dodge is already good, no need to change that. If you want so bad the resistance then why not go to elf and quit mc?
  7. Those who can change the name are the players who have the money to buy Miracle Coins, The current name change system has a replacement for 749 Miracle Coins. So what about the non ‐Miracle Coins user who wants to change the name? The answer is this. So I would suggest the -Change Name Card- which can be bought for 749 Miracle Coins at Miracle Shop, it will be popular with the player who wants to change the name because if they don't have Miracle Coins they can buy the -Change Name Card- from Miracle Coins Users, Developers, you won’t regret this idea if you do it. Like what they say “Win-win”.
  8. I like this idea, we can fully play in both fanction, pve and pvp since the system of this game is both pve and pvp, players will love this awesome work
  9. hello, I'll make it short, If you gm will make level 32 crafted, I'll suggest that at least make the dream level 32 axe stats like (Penetration + Critical + Accuracy) if gm will make the highest level of axe in fully crafted, please make it possible, the dream axe of players. Thank you
  10. First, the rogue has no ability to use Shield Skill to protect himself and no AOE Stun or Bind Skill that can be used in case the opponent outnumber him. So atleast give the rogue the skill with the ability to escape against the enemy. >This skill is Rogue's way to escape against the enemy. Forbidden Technique: 4/4 Active: Character throws a Dagger in any specific area. (5 yards). Using this skill again within 3 seconds allows the character to dashes onto his dagger. Passive: After a successful dashes the Character leaves a Doppelganger at his place which gains 35% of his attributes and is maintained for 12 seconds. Passive: After using this skill, the Action in Fight on the character will disappear. >Also increase the skill slot panel to twelve(12). - Rogue user comment down below if you are agree to my suggestion. And for some people saying this is unfair. I'm telling you that rogue is very useless in Castle Defense, GvG's Event and in any massive battle for being a offensive class with a single target. And rogue is the only Class using Lightweight Equipment without energy consumption. (BD is not included because BD is also a Heavy Equipment user and not only offensive class but also a Tank class)
  11. Ranger, Seeker, and Chieftain all of this the classes are lightweight user with energy consumption. but it's surprising that the ROGUE is the only lightweight user or burst class without mana consumption, so why not make the FREENZY a energy consumption or the EXTERMINATION, the rogue has no shield and AOE skill (Ricochet is suck) and no dash escape skill REALTALK (I cannot consider the ELUSIVE JUMP as escape dash skill because you cannot use it without enemy to target), or why not combined these two experts skill FREENZY and EXTERMINATION and make it energy consumption skill. GM or developer are so Bias for making this skills unbalance. MC as Damage at one Point and ELF as AOE STUN classes and as Hospital Classes and all Classes in ELF have Shield expect RANGER. BIAS LIKE ABS-CBN
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