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  1. Oho oho mayday mayday the ship is cracking(sinking), treasure at the shore
  2. As you guys also update new craft items, please add also craft slot. A certain condition to unlock or can buy with mcoin to unlock thanks, crafting take really a year or more if not using mcoin
  3. Tine

    Rework rogue Frenzy

    Rogue frenzy , remove negative effect (additional dmg takes) its makes already mana reg reduce by 5 , it literally have 2 negative effect . I suggest negative effect mana consumption only . if I compare to seeker , seeker is godly skills while it is originated by rogue
  4. Pala super op shield op buff op heal while its heavy equip class . if u saying pala is a support change it to cloth user because all anime or gameplay supports are cloth users. On arena if mc saw pala just give up and afk wait for another fight
  5. Tine

    Elf skills

    How to win multiple shield, its a total lose mc. Arena meant to be only at elf side because of that multiple shield. I suggest 1shield at a time the first shield must worn off if u apply again another shield . only elf have that shield shield while dk and barb heavy equip user no shield where is the balance
  6. Elf way too mighty in terms of skill . Nerf those shield skills

  7. Just lol super Rated XXX while on forsaken and mc clan no shield . Seeker light armor user have shield . Don't u think its way too much Super rated shield elf skills unbalance make rogue have shield too that seeker and rogue looks same their skills If seeker,priest,bd and mage activate their shield . pala shield must be useless these shield skills too much
  8. How many I times I tried rogue same equip shield elf class too much and annoying all elf classes have shield while dk and barb none where's the balance
  9. Well yes i pick that remove additional dmg on stealth because we dont have arena 1v1 only . And on massive or 2 mobs or player u can't use stealth when they hit u if u used successful gouge and most character now have shield. I don't get your point because other damager is too far highly mighty insane DMG than rogue class. Rogue class is in the lowest bracket compare to them I say this because I'm a rogue class user
  10. Then why seeker have them ? Shield ,additional dmg, stealth that it must first rogue have them I don't get your point because other damager is too far highly mighty insane DMG than rogue class. Rogue class is in the lowest bracket compare to them I say this because I'm a rogue class user . Even they're same gear pffft
  11. Seeker,Ranger,Chief,Hunter, all these light armor user have aura skills buff that consuming mana. But why ROGUE the first light armor user at Legion no have a aura mana consuming buff. I suggest that frenzy expert rogue reworks make it dmg higher not accuracy or crit because crit is by chance. Make pity those Rogue lover players its really outdated and not even equal to elf chars. Yes rogue have dodge but by chance I better pick shield than dodge
  12. Tine

    About HP Regen

    Because the real reason dk need rebuff dk class can't survive with no HP regen, unlike warden block is heal to em. Forsaken and mc skills trash compare to elves
  13. Seeker shield op. Mage shield op. And if there's a pala why that shield aoe expect you lose and all elf class aoe. While on mc unbalance skill. Really elf only you thinking for upgrading.
  14. How to get a luck. For those rare things drops. Some 1run only, while others took eternity xD. Or any tips?
  15. Please put on events or somewhere when Raid Bosses like Avenger,Engineering,Elm,Orcinus,etc when those bosses gonna Respawn because Battle Pass quest need sometime.
  16. Tine

    Rogue Class

    Make a expert skill rogue frenzy active mana consumption and remove the negative effect. Because seeker is the copied rogue elf class but its too far op because of seekers buffs experts skills. Rogue by chance to dodge and if kick at the back fail really no chance to dodge in both enemy or in player . Seeker have shield no condition and the sword dmg buff . #pity for rogue class
  17. What if goes like this. Buy 4500 mc 500k its ok?
  18. If I keep telling world chat I'm buying miracle coin is there a tendency I got ban or punish?
  19. Make rogue frenzy too a buff stats mana consumption and remove that negative effect . I like what you done t4 avoydil map bait, Its like t5 .
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