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  1. If we can't see that there is something wrong, then there is something wrong with us. Right? "Bug", "Unfair Access", "Broken", "Glitch and etc. We both know that we talking about those players who can access the chimera boss room with the required reputations. What I am implying here is that we are seeing and experiencing something that should not be happening in the said raid boss. No more guild related drama, we had and got enough of them in the EU world chat. As you being a moderator, I guess and I hope that you are glad to read something about what is really happening inside the game. Going back to the topic, competition is really a part of the game and that is where the trill comes, if every guild/player thinks like this way it would be more fun completing the chimera, and in the future Julius. Same case in getting the achievement of the first player to have the max reputation. The passion is there to obtain reputations daily. Would you not agree that the enthusiasm of doing the reputation stuffs was eliminated or submerge due to the free access in the chimera boss room with the help of the "Guild Unity"? I hope that I/we helped on spreading information about what is happening inside the game, and I'm rooting for future changes about this. Thanks!
  2. I don't think so, last year this also happened. And they did actions for it, tho I forget if unity was banned or just prohibited the people who don't meet the reputation requirement. Seems like this comment is not well critically think and just a bias statement coming from a moderator when he knew that there is something wrong with it. We are here to expose a bug, and not to hit anyone. Thanks! The leveling has nothing to with the bug that allows anyone to enter into a restricted area. I can't understand what you wanted to imply here. The argument cannot be found, or this is just being arrogant and ignorant on how the rules should be? Its not like you can pay them well to keep this bug thing running until the end of spring, I doubt it. I tell you what, I'm sure that they will take actions for this because there is something wrong with it. And again, your argument is still out of context, we are talking about the bug and not about the typical drama in warspear eu. Thanks!
  3. To see whoever is online in a guild is quite a big improvement already, but it could be a lot better if they change the GP to the number of hours you are offline in these said buttons.
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