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  1. @Akasha Managing one list would be easier than making sure everyone manages their individual lists. Simply a blacklist which every guild member can access in My Guild menu. Thank you for your acknowledgment 😘
  2. @Jcbreff. This would be a guild option only. Members of the guild decide who not to trust. @Morgana That is one way. A guild member could be scammed. The guild storage could get scammed. Or a discussion on world chat when someone gets scammed. These are all means of confirming untrustworthy players. @Krystal. I think that would be a great function for the list.
  3. A simple way to eliminate scammers from our guild storage. Under the My Guild option; Leaders and Heirs could add player names to the Trust option. The Trust List would operate just like the Friends List. Example: 1. In the guild a player name is "Exacto" 2. Guild Heir gets a private message from a non-guild member who says "Im Exacto, please invite so I may transfer. 3. Guild Heir can look at Trust List. If the non-guild members name is not in Trust List, Heir knows not to trust the non-guild member. Guild Leader can confirm other accounts of Guild Members and add those names to trust list and eliminate scam possibility. Relatively there should be a Distrust List where Leaders and Heirs can add the names of know scammers or untrustworthy players.
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