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    One guy at his topic write he want his lvl6 back. i agree with gm that is imposible. If u want stay at same lvl u can do quest but dont take xp reward. But still u gonna get drop from boss. Anyway i saw new topics. N i think gm shoulf fix grapichs errors. When u stay with tuxedo or animal suit n few steps away guy stay with same suit n ur suit change coulor.
  2. xso

    weird screenies!

    Koff ty for brains trouma :bad: :bad: :bad:
  3. Turtle u call urself pro? u even cant 1v1 vs fff so why the duck u dare spam?
  4. Jizz beat me once when i was use phone n laggy connection n now proud of it?
  5. U are so stupid? Do u saw other ppls make topics when up lvl? NO ONE CARES WHAT LVL U ARE.
  6. xso

    cry baby cry

    Volex i cried to u? I can kill all ur chars why should i cry?
  7. Skynete call everyone weak n now died so easy.
  8. As i remember mrs fff was beat u in last pvp n that was fair. So why did u die agaist "NOOB"?
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