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  1. I don't even know where to begin.
  2. His own fault, regardless, he got guild scammed as well. Which pisses me off.
  3. So, years ago i was left in charge of guild ( Oblivious ), the one who made it is Skitzer ( haven't seen him online for ages ). For past years i was rarely online, since i don't play this game any more, anyways when i was online another guy that i knew for years asked me for guild leader. He's known as LordBasil ( known for sharing his Acc info with other people ), he told me that he don't share his info anymore. Apparently i was stupid enough to believe him and try guess what, he got scammed along with the guild. I don't try to blame anyone for my stupidity trusting the guy that i knew for years, i just saying that if you want to join that guild you should know how it ended up where it is right now. Any proof? Yes i will add picture from 2014. ( 2014-01-17 ).
  4. xso

    the screenshots.

    these screenshots are from the beggining of guilds. sadly i dont have older screenshots, since i was using nokia back then.
  5. i was checking my old phone and did found some old screenshots, so i decided to share em.
  6. I lvled with pots, mostly. also i doesnt have any mc char. so i cannot do anything abt ur bosses. come to elf side, i may kill them for u.
  7. another one of good bds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-xf6APCrkw&feature=youtu.be
  8. everyone have thier own things to do, so they doesnt have time to help for newbs.
  9. dont spam forum with useless topics, also u was the one who tried to buy acc, u maybe forgot but that is illegal.
  10. just lvls 10 pvps. https://youtu.be/W2e92fLDDbU
  11. well i must say the trip is kinda difficult. vid,- http://youtu.be/ckCJBd9z7Js
  12. ... here ya go ... http://youtu.be/ZMFmYRgU5RU music will be fixed in less than one hour.
  13. wow, so show off, u are pretty shameful idk how u cant see that, keep acting like kid.
  14. fine, im spammer, so who asked u to comment? u act so tough with ur +4 chars? just called some ppls worthless, but sad true is that u cant beat them. u acting like one more pvpshaman just with no ampf. have the shame, weakling.
  15. well idk how that will work for u all, but this might help. vid. http://youtu.be/8c5wE9jZxZg
  16. xso


    player save data probly saved at other folder. 1st delete game. 2nd go to: sdcard/android/data/aigrind. 3nd delete everything in there.
  17. u are one annoying person, just spaming forum. even if ur topic looks completly sh*tty i try to be polite n not comment. so get lost jealous noob.
  18. xso


    delete warspear file from ur nokia, than try to isntall it again. that happened for me when before i tried to ubdate it. actually from all my experence most warspear crashing on symbian.
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