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  1. 1 hour ago, lore said:

    the chieftan already has a huge energy use by itself, i dubt that whiout items support it can run propely the mermen buffs

    That why cat reflexes will keep at 1/4 since the double passive buffs are giving accu pene and crit

    And ofc energy ring and mana regen amu

  2. I’m in doubt if leather mermen could be useful since it’s based on auto attacks and maces are so slow, maybe lvl 10 guild buff will help and speed enchant on boots putting the leather ones on head and foots just + cloth on chest and gloves here an example (double passive)


  3. 1 hour ago, Khrone said:

    Templar = Lock + Charmer 

    Chieftain = Seeker + Mage


    Following this logic, it is always classes from the other Faction.


    Maybe the Forsaken class will be a BD + Ranger and the Firstborn will be a Chieftain + Charmer, or something like that?

    How chieftain could be half seeker if it has not any pene skill, maybe it is just chieftain 

  4. Full phys with dodge build or mixed dmg?

    Wolf alacrity gives speed movement and +200% pdmg feels like a bd, with 1451 pdmg and 44% fero could be broken but it’s ok because bd is broken too, also developers  say that  resist and stun skill is coming for chief that’s pog



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