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  1. Gi, u got any clue when servers up ? :blush: need to report some quests xD
  2. :blush: woooooo, u won 5x5 :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  3. only becuse ur so pro :blush: and gratz to reward :yahoo:
  4. ty jamie, im using sd axe and arena dagger atm, but have a sd rondel in bag waiting to be used :blush:
  5. Hmm, in have no clue about the gold price for mcoins, never buyed it so.... but a smart way to see, is to compare mcoin shop items gold prices and see how much u can sell it for, then u can get a budget over how much u can sell or buy mcoins for :) EDIT: i would sell 3500 mcoins for 350k gold
  6. Just 1 week ani, we can help everyone to collect items if needed :)
  7. Hi all, i started a rogue on br tourmaline, just for fun actually ;D got a bit serious after i got to knew some ppl who had same idea as me. so now im stranded there and wonder what gear is best to use for a rogue lvl 18-20. So my question us just, what gear to use for a all-around set? if its hard to get one i can be bothered with 2 sets :good:
  8. U mean if u would buy like 100 mcoins, how much that would be in gold?
  9. Hey yall :) Me and some others was thinking abt join next tourney. and i or we wonder how many is up for it? :yahoo: just to remind yall, they changed the length of tourneys to 1 week insteed of 2 weeks :good:
  10. Hi again ;D I am not a bd user, but i would mix the two gear. 2 pcs HE and 2 pcs DD to get both hp bonus and def bonus ;)
  11. U mean buy? if so u can buy from warspear homepage, safest way ;) u can only buy mcoins for real money, or trade the games currency to other ppl so they buy mcoins for u, not the safest way becuse u can get scammed :(
  12. U can either do it the fast way, buying miracle coins :dirol: Or keep hunting, get some drops to sell. After some time u have got enough gold to buy cheap items and resell them for a higher price :) Good luck with ur business :give_rose:
  13. Make guild lvl 2 first, so u can inv more players and expand faster :good:
  14. VOTE :snorlax: ASSES!!! :diablo: :diablo: :diablo: :diablo:
  15. LMAO :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  16. Oi! time for me to be more active ;D insteed of just lurking around here on forum :blush: And born, i got a ss somewhere on pc, 5 drops in 1 kill at mcs b3 xD beat that :dirol:
  17. For me? :blush: pew pew, oh, im a rogue :'(
  18. [ice Sword] skin, selling eu, elf side. Pm Marilion, Mariflush or here on forum ;D
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