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  1. Charmers and shaman getting crit dmg buffed can we do the same for priests..Just a suggestion ^_^
  2. As Priest being a class which is fairly old in the game..the skill descriptions for some of the skills are very basic.While other new classes in my experience like charmers have skills very descriptive..stating the % of the crit dmg,block,stun etc. My suggestion would be to update the descriptions aswell so it would me more easy for us to know the exact percentage of the buffs we get. Ps.I want to know the % of god's help crit dmg.
  3. Lifesteal isn't really needed.Hunting can be done without it. As per my experience when I hunt solo I face mana problems using mm set. I got all mana regen and mana enchants too.As I have to spam skills to even have to hunt anything or I die xd Ps: Ls enchants are great to have on accessories but then low hp is bad as high lvl bosses have high crits.
  4. SSaul

    Bots in pvp arena

    Cannot really provide proof on this but it happens and everyone knows it
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