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  1. ei esta é uma chamada para fazer muito barulho, para que não nerfemos no próximo reequilíbrio, já fomos nerfados pelo aborrecimento exaustivo na primavera, todos os padres de todos os servidores, VAMOS FAZER BARULHO !!! Coloque suas ideias no fórum, vamos receber nossos críticos de volta
  2. It is true that the priests are healers but all their abilities are active so it makes it very difficult to farm with bosses capable of applying debuff, with a greater vampirism it would give the opportunity to invest skill points in other places releasing the need to heal every 5 seconds , and being able to do more damage to the boss to finish faster, which is also a relief for energy consumption. What do you think of this?
  3. For long time ago i been thinking about do a full pve priest whit life steal, i think this can help us regain the influence in some myth dg , like nadir, sea dg. What u think about this ?
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