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  1. how can i play warpear on mac ? i installed it wih diferent programs and after i install it it doesnt open . on the screen apear a flash and nothing :( :cray:
  2. We pay for a duckin server . Game lag like shit and dc . And this trick to make us pay money duck duck with unity pot is shit. I bought to from mistake
  3. the game lag like shit xd
  4. I dont want to disturb others that are on other map to come help me but thanks anyway :) . Some quest are very hard i dont manage to do them cas some mobs have 2+k hp and my nooby rogue always duy . Very rare i get lucky and some1 else have same quest as me.
  5. When i started the game i firt play on elf side everythink was good there and ppl help each other etc but i like rogue xd and in mc is duckin duckin hard. Waste of time to play on mc no1 help
  6. Im tired to always duy when i do a quest and no mc help me when i asked . Is duckin hard this game .
  7. Hi all im new . Hope to make many frnds and be the best :D :S
  8. So i can play on v.3.5 until it works to instal v3.6 ? Anyway i can see the changes after update cas it do data caching
  9. What is mc ? And this think about mc and elfs . Im new here so i dont know
  10. Can some1 answer me pls . Im afraid if i play and then instal v3.6 i lose everythink i do. So what should i do ? It keep instal v3.5 but in game it do data caching and i see the changes.
  11. I still have v3.5.1 in my phone . Its ok if i dont redownload the game again cas it wont instal v3.6 . I enter the game it do data caching and it work to play the game and i see the changes . So its ok to play on v3.5.1 or i must wait until i be abble to instal v3.6 ?
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