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  1. The books are the problem, immediately the sentinels.
  2. Rogue: Summons a clone of himself that follows him everywhere
  3. This is the most broken class of sentinels, it is so broken that nowadays everyone chooses it. Proximity to Nature: Applies the Hunter's Mark buff to a character for 6 sec. The character cannot be attacked, and they are also deprived of the ability to move, apply skills, auto-attack, and use items. When in effect, the character and all the allies within a radius of 3 yards recover health in the amount of 45% of the character's magical power every 1 sec. and receive the "Forest protection" buff that increases the physical and magical protection of targets by 25% for 14 sec. Maximum number of targets is 9. The restriction does not apply to the character and the Moon Monster. Why would a damage class have a zone healing ability??? The Warlock's Stone Body ability is ridiculously weak compared to this ability, considering that both have almost the same mechanics. Proximity to Nature skill urgently needs a tune-up Aura of the Forest: Applies the "Aura of the forest" attacking buff to the Moon Monster for 10 sec. The buff deals magic damage to all enemies in the amount of 100% of the character's magic power within a one-yard radius every 2 sec. When a monster receives instant damage from skills and auto-attacks, the effect damage increases by 5%, but by no more than 20%. If there is no Moon monster, it deals the "Aura of the forest" attacking buff to the character for 10 sec. The effect deals magical damage to all opponents in the amount of 100% of the character's magical power within a radius of one yard every 2 sec. Maximum number of player targets is 6, and maximum number of monster targets is 14. Power of Nature: Increases the damage dealt by the "Aura of the Forest" skill by 15%. When used, the skill gets the maximum damage bonus. Aura of the Forest is the most unfair and broken ability in the game. let's do the math 100% + 20% + 15% = 135% x 5 = 675% explanation the Aura of the Forest skill has a damage of 120% plus his talent 15% so it would be 5 hits of 135% for a total of 675% damage. This skill is ridiculously strong compared to all the other consecutive damage skills of other classes. For example warlock hex skill has 80% damage on 4 hits for a total of 320% damage. Chieftain's Swooping Army skill has 60% damage on 5 hits for a total of 300% damage. Aura of the forest skill urgently needs an adjustment, it cannot continue with that damage so unfair for other classes of consecutive damage. @Dr Strange @Nolan @LeeLoo
  4. Se tocarem no anti-atordoamento do chefe, também deverão tocar no do mago. Se jogarem a couro do cacique, também deverão tocar a barreira do mago. É triste que os sentinelas façam as coisas chorando e não se importem com o que é realmente justo.
  5. Frenzy: Additionally deals the "Stun" effect to the opponent for 4 sec. if you hit all 5 hits
  6. o invocador precisa de um NERF urgente. É a classe mais desequilibrada do jogo, tem alguns danos mágicos e físicos, tem cura de área e atordoamento. Desde o seu lançamento não teve um equilíbrio merecido, mas tudo foi ignorado. Sabemos que os elfos chorões ficam com tudo, mas é hora de Aigrind deixar essa preferência para os elfos e colocar o nerf de uma vez.
  7. Dseta

    NERF MAGE!!!

    Throughout the years, this class was never given the deserved Nerf since it was always the most benefited in the game. he has too much area damage, infinite resistance, a barrier that absorbs 100% of the damage, he can see invisible, he has infinite stun... that's an exaggeration. nowadays it's common for 1 mage to take out a group because of his ridiculous power. it's the most unbalanced kind of game. Urgent a nerf
  8. first urge to nerf the "mage class" their precise barrier Nerf, at the same time as Shattered Stone. It is the most broken class in the game and urgently needs a balance the class mage
  9. this class needs a NERF urgently. he has too strong skills compared to other classes and also all his skills work in combo Chain Lightning this ability in 4/4 has a power of 160% of the character's magic damage. In case of successfully dealing damage, the skill attacks the next target within 2 yards from the main one. it's a very skill for a basic skill. Pathfinder’s Arrow this expert ability has 155% power in 4/4 and doesn't even stun with the ability. Ricochet This expert ability has 95% power un 4/4 and doesn't even stun with the ability. Oppression This basic ability has 130% power 4/4 and doesn't have multiple targets like the ability of the beastmaster. In conclusion There are no excuses or logic why a basic skill would be more powerful than an expert skill.
  10. Acid step Reduces the base damage of “Pool of Darkness” skill by 35%. Now the damage of the skill increases depending on the maximum amount of energy of the character. Dark alchemy Increases the bonus from enchanting a cloak, helmet, and armor with a “Crystal of Wisdom” by 6 levels. Acid step, the ability already has little magic damage, giving it the condition of reducing damage for a talent is not convenient. Dark alchemy, It is not functional at all, it does not help the warklock at all, points are invested in nothing. They should redo the whole branch. Overall nightmare Additionally applies the effect of the “Dark Circle” skill to a random enemy within 5 yards with 40% reduced power. Inevitability of death All character skills that impose negative effects ignore 25% of the opponent's "Resistance" parameter. Overall, a stun reduced by 40% plus random is not functional, They should put a debuff on the opponent. Inevitability, good but for most it has 100% resistance I think they should go up to 50%. Hellfire Reduced the effect of “Zone of Weakness” skill by 30%. The zone of weakness now deals magic damage equal to 40% of the character's magic power every 2 sec. The limit of PvE-targets is 14. Shadow Pact Each time you use 2 of any skills with a chance equal to the "Skill Cooldown" parameter, the character recovers 3% of maximum health and 5% of maximum energy. Hellfire, I don't understand why the 30%, 40% damage reduction is not enough for all defensive skills and talents.shadow pact, shadow pact, It has a condition and it is only a possibility in addition to too low percentages, it is not worth it. Conclusion: all the talents with high conditions and buff are not worth it. Higher talents that are not functional for warklock and are not at the level of the other classes. @Holmes @Nolan @LeeLoo
  11. Spiked armor Type: active Usage range: melee Energy expense:18, 20, 22, 24 units Cooldown: 16 sec. An attack that deals all enemies physical damage in the amount of 110%, 115%, 120%, 125% of the character's physical strength within a radius of 1 yards. Additionally deals the "Spiked armor" buff to the character for 6, 8, 10, 12 sec. The effect returns damage to enemy from enemy's auto-attacks and skills that deal instant damage to the character by 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%. The brb requires an urgent AoE ability, currently the brb is not recruited in competitive guilds due to lack of damage or zone control. With the "Spiked armor" buff, the brb will be more versatile in crowd combat, as well as giving more importance to "damage reflection" when equipping the brb, since at the moment no one uses this attribute, thus having more variety of builds. It would also be FAIR to give the brb an AoE skill since they gave the BD two AoE skills... which were totally unnecessary.
  12. I've read that kind of argument several times in this forum... It doesn't justify the inequality of power of both skills... The "chieftain" skill is very poor compared to the "blade dance" skill.
  13. The blade dancer's "enlightenment" ability is somewhat unfair compared to other abilities that provide buffs. example: There is a clear difference in those two skills. The blade dancer's ability "enlightenment" provides 12% "penetration" and 30% "skill cooldown" for 30 sec. Whereas the chieftain's "bestial wrath" skill only provides 11% "penetration" in addition to asking for "two-handed weapon" to get the buff for 30 sec. Why does the "blade dance" skill get two buffs of greater strength and no weapon restriction like the chieftain skill? Besides having the same length... The blade dancer's enlightenment skill clearly needs an overhaul. Or raise the power of the "bestial wrath" ability of the "chieftain" The difference in power of both skills is very unfair. @LeeLoo @Holmes @Nolan
  14. @Holmes эта способность уже полностью устарела, так как в настоящее время очень легко достичь максимального «блока». поработайте над этим навыком или обменяйте на еще один полезный для варвара и для пвп рейдов.
  15. В очередной раз айгринд дает привилегии часовым. на самом деле не было необходимости давать бд базовую способность наносить урон по области, в то время как легион имеет только один класс с уроном по области, я считаю это очень несправедливым. перестань быть беспристрастным и добавь варвару или разбойнику базовую способность к урону по области, они просят об этом годами и никогда не слушают. это очень демотивирует.
  16. this class definitely needs a nerf. 220% damage is already an abuse for a non-damage class, while other damage classes have very absurd damage skills. this class urgently needs a verification since it has skill far above the other classes.
  17. whirlwind Type: active Usage range: melee Energy expense: 20 units Cooldown: 19 sec. Applies the whirlwind buff to a character for 4.5 sec. The buff deals physical damage to all enemies in the amount of 60% / 70% / 80% / 95% of the character's physical power within a one-yard radius every 1.5 seconds. Additionally, it increases by 0.5 sec. the duration of the whirlwind buff with a chance equal to the value of the Critical Blow parameter. last wish Type: passive Amount of maximum health when skill activates: 25% | 30% | 35% | 40% Amount of reduced damage: 35% | 40%| 45% | 50% Buff duration: 8 seconds Cooldown: 90 seconds Reduces incoming damage to character by a certain % for 8 seconds when down to a certain % health. Upon expiration of the skill, it returns 50%/ 60%/ 70%/ 80% of all damage reduced by Last Wish to all enemies within a one-yard radius. The effect triggers no more than once every 90 seconds.
  18. This class cannot be 100% exploited since one of its best skills cannot be used with two-handed weapons, we speak of "shield strike". It is currently the only active skill that requires a certain weapon. Solution: remove whose requirement and be able to use "shield Strike" with a two-handed weapon. The "Scream of fury" skill could be redesigned, it simply has no use since with level 32 equipment you can easily reach 25% block. This skill is no longer useful. Solution: redesign the skill "scream of fury"
  19. Dseta

    Nerf Mage

    This class is in desperate need of a nerf. Their talents improve their best damage skills while for the other classes, they improve the obsolete skills. The passive skill "barrier" needs tweaking as it is way above other passive skills.
  20. Regarding the power of the blades ability of the BD, it is a bit over the top compared to other passive abilities. Power of the blades 4/4 Attack strength 40% power of the blades in 4/4 increases by 40% attack strength without any requirement or energy consumption. While the passive skills of the rogue and the DK do have requirements for activation. the rogue to activate his passive ability needs to dodge an enemy attack. the dark knight needs critical health to activate his passive ability. the ability the power of the blades urgently needs a change. A-) integrate some activation requirement for the ability the power of the blades. B-) turn the power of the blades ability into a constant energy drain ability while active. Thank you. @Holmes
  21. I hope the mage does not benefit as always ...
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