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  1. 1=35g 10=250g i agree with everyone else about miracle shop u guys really need to do something about that. Everyone who keeps complaining about druds/shamans healing , I think its good they reduced it. they just balanced it i used to heal 153in dmg set before now 128 and 187 in healing set now 199. this is good druids and shamans were overpowered !! After update they increased druids moon and astrall by 5(idk about shaman) and also druids new skill gives them 5% def . druids are strong idk what you guys keep complaining about
  2. Edge

    Boss drops v1.0

    really fun boss drop rate is 100% one cloak for a random party member idk who attacked the first time but slay got it. second time i hit first and vic got :D. boss is easy but time consuming. kill the animated armors first after that start attacking boss you just have to keep hitting the boss till he dies even after his hp is 0(some hp is hidden) he will regain health and continue attacking till his hp is 0 again he will die then. when the animated horrors respawn during the fight pull them to bottom corners and kill and 2-3 should keep hitting boss running around while others quicky kill animated and get back to boss. thats all this is a general strategy u can always find a better way.
  3. never listen to developers they lie :D
  4. we managed to kill slime(underground horror) with 20+ guys :D nice boss
  5. barb will have high def,high hp,good dmg what more do u want?
  6. mioco said that rangers might have pet
  7. Edge

    boss weapons

    ill buy it:D
  8. Edge

    Boss drops v1.0

    underground horror lvl53 slime
  9. that must be a mistake. when you login next time read the welcome message it will be mentioned there as ver1.0.1
  10. latest game version is 1.0.1 . i checked ovi store (n8) there is no ver1.5 warspear client. it must be the same thing.
  11. i have the same problem now. cant kill bosses with these constant lags and dc.
  12. i play on nokia 5230 and have been facing the same problem. its time to switch to android, symbian sucks .
  13. must be light cloak and excellent signet or qualitative signet.
  14. my mobile sucks too:( marcin and sulla are always able to catch me when im crossing.
  15. i dont think armour penetration is need for druid. druid does moon damage and none of the other classes has moon resistance so not needed.
  16. you still dint add sms payment option in india :(
  17. you want to delete your character or you deleted your char by mistake??
  18. they are doing it maybe for the rewards they get from completing the daily or they are just helping others or they are bored and have nothing else do.
  19. you can do 2 cc quests daily one from gwido in ghost village and other one from arnold in kamp-riff.
  20. Edge


    i dint get you. are u asking to increase the lvl cap or to change lvl 1-18 to lvl1-40 ?
  21. buying Excellent signet, Twisted stave,light baldric,wrought mantle, pm me ingame-livestock
  22. Edge

    [PVP] MC vs FB

    finished it. managed to sneak past marcin "Kill all elves !!!make them suffer " those were my words too:p
  23. Edge

    [PVP] MC vs FB

    wont be able to get 100cc today . sulla *facepalm*
  24. you can get a few lvl 15 items as quest rewards but are not so good as lvl 13 boss drops.
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