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  1. Aloha to all and will want to know why there is even actualisacion for symbian OS as it might give some OS and not others? Actualisacion not make a game but have all OSRules because they know very well that there are a lot of players with these SO you have not actualisado entonses ah once again disappointed me is not a game that takes 1 month to be inLine and take about 5 or 6 years on the market and this incompetence only achieves many more players left in the game but that an earlier gone by incompetence. Aloha atte ellatino :facepalm: :unknw: :clapping:
  2. Aloha a todos como va bueno juego jace casi 4 años, me parese que ya era hora que alla un foro en español porque muchos de nosotros comentamos denunciamos o reclamos en ingles con el traductor de gloogle sino no nos darian ni inportacia yo me sumo a la lista en todo este tiempo he visto cosas que no me ha gustado y otra que cuanta conmigo amigo ...juego en us-saphire , soy de argentina vivo en buenos aires tengo 27 años mis chars: Ellatino : barabro lvl20 Mlrloco : chaman lvl20 Thiagomlr :rogue lvl20 Tinieblas :necromancer lvl8 Latinomlr :lvl 14 El sexto char no lo dare por seg
  3. aloha everyone was writing without a translator sorry for my terrible English, my question is this because even not the actualisacion with new levels that we should be looking much levels 30 and are four years being 20 and bored too leven my humble opinion I think it is time to have more levels to climb on the other hand there are always deals with 50% of miricles google coins to play, and the other servers purchases and not on offer via sms too much we can buy with I think credit card has to be fair for everyone and every time are finally lowering coin miricles via SMS, throughout Latin Ameri
  4. Aloha all and the updat lvl30 where this :search: and why no this 50% miricles coin via sms :pleasantry: :shout: :sorry: :search:aloha all
  5. aloha everyone again today I find that one of the clans of one of my playmates you I lowered the level of his clan as can be as Inconpetente to make this action GAME OWNERS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SUCH ACTION perhaps you tubieron or made ​​the sacrifice that these guys did not think so! Clan talk only "silent hill" their leader in my pereser this problem has to be immediate for you to think a little because of the person inconpentecia hiso this you are going to lose that provide contantemente! that crazy no! those who are rich clans who spend thousands of money, do not step nadde anything, THAT RAR
  6. aloha everyone as is the truth! they are not grabbing or what is in this game heser qieren .... first: like going to force people to play because of this new form will go an post or put, if you jugas x 10 days down the range is the same as to say juga or andate! ... Second: I still leader of a clan game so 10 days in entities that I invite a player asks me to enter my clan I highlight being active (for actually (not conosco) and me because I am absent I have a "real life" this person becomes a leader of "my clan" and I run the risk that this person me Take me to the founders and members of the
  7. Aloha to all and why no this up lvl 30 :search: :clapping: NEED LVL 30 :clapping: >:D
  8. aloha to all and see you have blocked post verstuarios contest because they want to know what they think / thought of their decisions they have taken entonses, I will say what I think here with the translator for as you know many'm Latin and not English , actually this last contest was a fraud and did not appreciate the hard work and effort needs was this contest and was given the first place to a cheap copy of a suit that was modified only 2 things, I think you have to appreciate more their that players are not grabbing, I took more than three years and means you are not taking care of their
  9. Enncontre el post :yahoo: grax bro
  10. Aloha all the name of the costume is "legendary of arena" aloha and good luck all :friends:
  11. Ahhh the name of the costume is "legendary of arena" 8)
  12. Aloha all why not ! Sms >:D , ever all the rich what buy card s and the what use sms no :bad: :facepalm: :clapping:
  13. Aloha all happy birthday :drinks: :yahoo: l'm in the game 3 years + 8) is much time nice guys aloha all good luck :good:
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