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  1. I write this before my death, those ... "things" come after me. I don't know what they want but being killed would be the kindest thing they can do to me. I write this because it must be known, I must warn you and you must take care ... The demonologist, that thing, I don't know; always hidden under that mask, I don't even know if it's a human or a creature ... I only know that he did it, but with a great price. He's been alive for years, centuries, I don't know; his past is not very clear, but his future is terrifying. The demonologist was only looking for one thing, knowledge ... Knowing various invocations and various demons, they gave him knowledge, telling him things from even before humanity existed. But the enemy of anyone interested in knowledge is time, it is short and limited life ... That is why he began to ask questions, those twisted "things" only boasted, with his spells he punished and tortured low-ranking demons in search of the answer to his question: - If demons can die ... how come they are eternal? His answer could not be answered by those lower demons, that information only had the highest rank, but he could not punish them; so he offered everything, his life, his soul ... But ... what use will a demon have with a twisted and ambitious soul like of the demonologist? In hell there are already thousands of those souls. So they asked him for a sacrifice in exchange for that information ... "A thousand innocent souls in exchange for a word" With his terrible spells, the demonologist killed thousands of people, women, children ... It was not even quick deaths, he enjoyed it, he was finally close to absolute knowledge. A thousand souls were delivered and the answer was only one word: "Plague" What is that? What does it mean? The demonologist asked but the deal had already been fulfilled, in his fury for an incomplete answer he exclaimed: Demons always lie !! Frustrated and angry he fell asleep, when he woke up he could not move, in his gaze blurred by sleep, he only saw fire and shadows ... Am I in hell? No, they were not demons, they were people holding torches ... Parents who had lost their children, husbands who lost their wives, their babies, were there to take revenge, to do justice for their massacred relatives. He was beaten, tortured and killed, while the demons laughed in the shadows ... "This is your hell" was the last thing he heard before he died ... He was mutilated with sadism and hatred but every time his flesh was cut worms came out, inside him there were worms living in his blood, his flesh, his bones ... . Some time later he woke up, bathed in his own blood, but he was alive ... those were infernal worms, a plague that would not let him die to consume him for eternity. There he understood the word of that demon "Plague", he was plagued, infested and they consume his soul. Why do you think that even if Arinar's heroes manage to kill him, he resurfaces again in short time? This is the answer, the answer I should never have sought ... Someone must definitely stop him and I know how, I was looking for an ancient spell, if we can't kill him, then we can seal him, delete him for eternity, in my research on these ancient tablets that I found in a cave I found the answer, that spell exists, but there is only one living being who knows him ... The sea witch. When I was about to go to Ayvondil to investigate further, the demonologist found me, tortured me but I managed to escape ... I have been escaping for 2 days, his minions ripped off my arm and I write this note with my own blood, I can no longer ... If you find this, please come to Ayvondil for me, dive into the Ship Graveyard and look for the missing tablets ... I must keep running, distract them so they don't notice what I wrote, this information may be ... my will. Server: Us Shapphire Name: Messalina
  2. Server: Us-Shappire Nick: Scam
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