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  1. Wtf, I were changing chars and then... Pff unable to connect.
  2. That's bad Carp, maybe it's a overflow of simultaneous logins.
  3. Well, just finished my third skirmish in C&C 3 and WSO servers still in maintenance... Time to watch anime!
  4. I love seeing the servers under maintenance every two-four weeks, shows me that the game is always improving, keep up the good work @Aigrind!
  5. That's Warspear folclore, you're just unlucky. P.S.: Those are only interacting rules, you should address it with "You may or not-", since it's, as said in the thread title, bullshit unwriten rules.
  6. How tf this topic turned so big...???????????
  7. I guess the item color depends on it's rarity, even though some items have high rarity level (ie. Lv 17 DW and SP equipment) they are quite easy to find, but that's it, since it's color depends on how hard is to get it: Farming = Red\Purple, Event = Purple, Farming\Buying = Blue, Regular Quest reward = Green, Very easy to find = Grey, MShop Equipment= Yellow.
  8. Had school by morning yesterday, could'nt join the party
  9. It was launched in Russia in 2008 newbie
  10. Zeusxellie at US-Sapphire = Life Scroll king lol, agree with your First Suggestion, the other suggestions are more "Server Centered" so I can't give it a properly agree\disagree.
  11. Annoying like shit, that is getting me boreeeeeeeeeeeee...(infinite)...eeeeeeeeeeed
  12. Command and Conquer *HI*

  13. Aw bro, i guess no one can help you with this, unless you're really lucky, but i think your necro is lost.... A waste of a good char
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