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    Attack speed

    Sword has 2.0 sec attack speed, so if you put on 2 swords will you attack 4.0? Or will it stay 2.0? The same question with daggers. will it be 1.7 or 3.4?? EDIT: Also, what speed is sword + dagger?
  2. Short question: Is 2x Scout kris better than 2x Scout Gladius? Maybe I should go 1x each?
  3. So this guy in emerald server threw a few items in trade chat: 33 LVL spear 39 LVL bow 0 LVL sword ( 10000 Damage , 50 % accuracy , 50 % dexterity , 50 % crit) Few weapons skins that are not existing. Red halberd, Red battleaxe, Purple bow. I believe all these items are hacked, please look into this immeadiatly. (I wanted to make screenshots but my phone isn't rooted :bad: )
  4. Konggink


    If it's for multi acc then most of players should get banned. Including Hassn :diablo:
  5. Konggink

    rouge new

    Let's admit it, the developers ducked up hard on this update. Rogue with daggers is useless, even though rogue was supposed to be at it's best with 2knives in the early days. Now it's like a bladedancer, exept a lot shittier. Weak armor, useless skills. Go duck yourselves hard developers
  6. Oh sweet lord you messed up bigtime with the rogue... ROGUE IS USELESS NOW! How the hell should I go hunt elfs with such stealth?? It's ridiculous! Rogue was my favorite class, now it's just a piece of brown, big, smelly shit. And why the heck did you "Disable" the second skill? You hit 0 with it! You, developers, need to fix all this nonsense...
  7. What about skill distribution @10lvl? Have in mind the fact that I'm a tank (Axe+shield)
  8. So if I will amp to ~+5 I should go with gladius, and if I am willing to amp the weapons to +8 I must go with kris'es?
  9. Hey guys I want to make a 17lvl rogue, but i don't know which weapons to choose. I want to stay with the arena weapons, so i wonder what's the best combo. I think with my main weapon i'll go for the scout gladius, because of the damage. But i don't know what to select for the second weapon: should it be a scout kris or acute flamberge? Scout kris: 129dmg, 2.5%crit, 2.5%resist, 2.3% acc. Meanwhile the acute flamberge has 135 dmg but has 2.2%crit, 2.2%resist, 2%acc. If i go with scout kris and scout gladius i am afraid that the damage might be to smalll. I think it's a good idea to go with the scout gladius and acute flamberge but everyone is tellinng me that it should be scout gladius ant scout kris. Why? :unknw: Write your thoughts about the rogue weapon combo pleeeeaaase :clapping: :clapping: :clapping:
  10. I live in Lithuania, and i tried to purchase MC via SMS. I went to warspear page > buy coins > sms payment > i chose my country > i sent the sms with the text (it was correct, i checked it twice) to the number that was shown on the screen, and i got no reply, and no MC was in my account :unknw:
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