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    xbabaroix got a reaction from supladah in Naked and searching for doom weapon(episode 2:Captured shaman)   
    :rofl: :rofl:
















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    xbabaroix got a reaction from Lexie in Contest winners.   
    Dank je - thank you (informal) Dank u - thank you (formal) Bedankt - thank you (no distinction) Dank je/u wel - thanks a lot                
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    xbabaroix reacted to Lexie in Contest winners.   
    Mmm, how to say it in Dutch? Oh, it's dank u!
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    xbabaroix got a reaction from GRAAv in Contest finalists. Discussion.   
    awaiting what ever transpire from this drama  
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    xbabaroix reacted to -TuBy- in - Joining Contest at 3, 2, 1 ! -Beauty-   
    My random entry - A selfie with my friend the computer & warspear !

    Ps. "Beauty isn't about having a pretty face or body. It's about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart and most important a beautiful soul"
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    xbabaroix reacted to Lexie in My Photo for Beauty Contest ^^   
    Hello! I'm glad that finally i can participate the contest as this is my first participation in a such contest. And this is dedicated to all my friends.
    This photo describes some things :
    I myself : an Asian (Asia)
    Warspear : Russian game (Europe)
    Flag of USA nation - my cloth's pic : US-Sapphire (America)
    So it's me, Nestly/Nissea/Yukata from US-Sapphire.
    Like me or don't, the choice is all yours! I won't spam something like 'like my photo please' nor begging for the likes.
    P.S. Any comments are appreciated!
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