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  1. Any from vortex are the best lvl 14 ;)

    I agree with you jar,but there is a problem and is that snowkath use a full set ice queen lol those accessories makes ur stats really bad i pvped to her and she dodge a lot on my rogue,but when she doesn't dodge any hit lol she pew pew my char XD.


    Sometimes you win and sometime you lose ;D

  2. Devs,can you at least make the dungeon lv14 a little bit easier?


    I went to dungeon with a full party of +10 lv14s with minions even with a barb lv14 that have 6k def *z* and the dungeon took us almost 3 stamina, you devs have to admit,a normal lv14 couldn't do that dungeon so i suggest you to do it a little bit easier pls.

  3. probably, no. how would they link this forum acc to the in-game acc? Okok, easy when your name is the same as in-game, but I've seen many people having another name on their forum acc. would be pretty f*****g difficult, right?

    not really,they would send you a gift code :blush:

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