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    I can see your scrony shoulders ;D nice try
  2. ''She'' said to me that ''she'' will keep killing me till i apologize. Lmfao to bad herobrine & ckq cant kill me without having 4+ people. ;D
  3. Screenshot of my background, :give_rose:
  4. What is your.google translate not working well? Cmon english isnt too hard lmfao :rofl: either way im sure ckq is a fat man eating chips fapping to your '' loving'' conversations ;D
  5. Ikr Dark this guy must be obssesed witht this chick, to bad i killed her and kept her blood in a cup over.my bed :rofl:
  6. Lmfao I have a Samsung galaxy s3, You have indestruible Nokia :tease: any way why arent you in pvp yet scared? Lmfao okay man its.cool wait for.ckq to log on ill take care of both of you ;)
  7. Obv you dont, and check my postings this my only.one so gtfo i dont.need.your negative comments.
  8. Excuse me while i hunt for you :give_rose:. Scared to show your face in pvp? Come lets have a brawl make a war and you'll see how things turn from good to bad. :spiteful:
  9. ;D Sorry you cant kill me, you even rejected pvping me. :blush:
  10. E-dating is sad..... :facepalm: your dick feel bigger? :bad: Kids..... :crazy:. Edit: Im gonna be hunting all hour friends, 3 down to a few to go :spiteful:
  11. Thank you, someone understands :tease:
  12. Fix it unfair, from what I see every update you make ranger stronger barbs weaker, why? Bless work almost 100%, now scatter can bless, and blesses can crit. Barbs charge barely work even at +5 I mean cmon you make mc weaker and Fb stronger (Excluding Forsaken & Chosen)
  13. Nastyburp

    Photo Spam

    Stop commenting :facepalm: spamming my feed :search:
  14. no bds are fine, rangers need to be changed...how come they reduce barb charge and increase ranger bless
  15. Well, I've been thinking about how every class has a weapon thats faster than another but deals less damages. For example, For bd/rogues there are Daggers( The fast & less damage) and sword (Slower & More damage), barbs have 2h axe & shield(For fast attack more defence) Two hand for slower attack more damage ect ect. So what i was thinking was staff-wielding classes should have a wand, or a book of spells in which make them hit faster but attack lower. ::)
  16. Noce.job guys post pics.here :lol:
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