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  1. http://i.imagefra.me/96fieod0 http://i.imagefra.me/9edieocx
  2. Thats an amazing set of items good luck :clapping:
  3. My rank four rogue(shirahama) needs help n will help others need to kno times n names plz :pleasantry:
  4. Mc plz stop attacking me kuroski
  5. Along with dysuke`s ideas i would like to add that maybe armors could have different color choices for instance guardian amor in blk,blue,white,etc. Would give characters individuality n b more fun.
  6. I can understand the need for more dqs maybe 6 a day is reasonable. Each dq should give about 10 rep points (which is basically what its at rightt now). i can also understand the need for something else to.do cuz ive made rank 5 n currently still interested in reaching max rep b4 update for the moment. I have those de ja vu days as well. So even if its a scavenger hunt or weekly contest of some sort im sure it would be greatly appreciated. P.S. Im a dedicated player n after i complete dqs i help lower rank players complete quest even if iive dne it a million times. F.O.F clan helping any in need of our services. :good:
  7. krylancelo


    Did just a bit of research n we have a long way to go before we make a website. All members would have decide layout,content, interface, domain name, client host etc. How we would go about paying the yearly fee(dnt kno the amount but seems to be fairly cheap). The person with the most experience should create it after decisions r made. N if noone has exp. Ill try to learn as best i can. All clan members reply n let me kno your thoughts on the subject n we will proceed from there thx.
  8. krylancelo


    Yea np but we could still use our own site im gonna look in to that n get bck to you
  9. krylancelo


    Hey is the clan still running? Are we inducting new members? When will we get our own forum or site? N generally i want to say hey to all the players ive met so far ill b checking forum frequently from now on. Hope to c u all out there kicking ass n taking names. :good:
  10. Hey havent seen u on in days most of us have finished berengars guards hope to c u online so u can too cya
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