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  1. level cap to increase on a new island with good old fashioned quests an new bosses to farm, and also all factions to trade on new island ;D
  2. couldn't agree more, total shit island, made for war spear to make money, they new people would go mad on scrolls with MCoin an i bet there all laughing at us right now. The drop rate is shocking, you never make anything back of what you lost dieing 50 times on each quest, A stupid scroll ha whatever.
  3. totally agree, I got just ova 2k def as a ranger an get owned buy any mc with that, pisses me off, just guaranteed death :shok:
  4. initman01


    Totally agree, people have been askin for this for far to long an i signed up to forum for this an to complain about Iphone update lol Even if the new island has a shared market an the old island stay the same that would make things alot better and would make people go back to new island even when they are done with it.
  5. agreed, iv must have spent about 20k on scroll since this new map has been released its stupid, And i don't think iv ever been to kotaravva :unknw:
  6. initman01


    The games like that because they want you to buy miricle coins to help yourself, an you'd be surprised at how many players do an have. the hole game is set up so you end up buyng m coin, you can avoid that if you get help an get lucky but its hard. but i agree with you on this
  7. Don't think i'v ever seen you..... Luckily for you ;) lol
  8. They should make a robin hood costume for rangers :yahoo: Hay crossfit, where you get that head mask face thing from in your pic, seen a few of those :)
  9. Yep you right compleatly, not worth the 10k n scroll needed for each quest maybe 2, iv done 4 quests since they changed it an got nothin but tablets an 1 crystal :( waste, an v never even seen hydra :( but i wont bother if its as hard as what every one is sayin
  10. HAHA your end bit made me laugh, thanks for the 2 shouts :) np i took u under my wing for a reason,1 saw the potential an 2, hurry up an rank cos i wona go LAB :) lool :drinks:
  11. Oh yeah, another thing if you look on the reviews of this game then its badly under rated because of this, People are rating it badly, just read all the comments, nearly all the comments mention this update problem every time there's an update that in turn is going to steer new people away meaning a loss of earnings for Warspear.
  12. My friends who are on nokia are already playing an say they got up date right away, cant you submit to apple earlier than the release date so that they can have it ready for the actual release as its well unfair that im 6 days behind every 1 else on new island and missing out, this could go on for god knows how long and ill end up getting bored of waiting an losing interest, an what f all my friends have done all the quests an don't want to help me i finally get on there. just an idea but think you/they need to look at a way to get this sorted for your/there new update, to update the update lol
  13. How long do i have to wait to get the new update for my i phone? i think its been 5 days already now an still no update, What a joke :crazy: :bad: If anyone can explain then i would much appreciate it :)
  14. That sucks, i play this on a iPhone an that's the only way i can play it an i cant ever get m coin as don't have pay-pal an not interested or can be bothered to get pay-pal just for this, your losing money there.
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