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  1. Ahahaha true that brother, and yeah life is going pretty good. Just though if come in to say hi eveyone now as then, and if you see my accounts online, talk to em or what ever. It doesn't bother me much so i dont mind :drinks:
  2. thats exactly what I'd like to know :lol:Although it doesn't bother me much anyway, ive quit
  3. who? My brother and my close friend from real life? :facepalm:
  4. Just saying hi for once, HELLO EVERYONE!!! Lady, Plisk, Flu♥♥♥♥♥♥, everyone else hey guys :friends: Um and btw ive heard someone knows my account and is scamming with it. So just saying, if y'all know who them just tell em not to lol Ps. Ive still quit, im just saying hi and passing info
  5. As you all know ive quit a while ago and i dont play anymore, altough somehow someone has gotten on my account and changed the info on it. So dont trust the characters Jizzsaw, Jizzsawx, Jizzblades or Shadowsinz Just some info to help people to not get scammed. Have a nice day :good:
  6. poor little guy doesnt know what hes talking about... :sorry: We had 1 fight vs sith and we won. 1 fight only. So please. Open your ducking eyes kid and understand what happend before crying about me saying a quote from sith. Grow up idiot
  7. Just some info: from what I've heard after i quit the original owner of intrepid will take it up again, which is Pliskin/Nessah/Beeskin. Ect. Although i do wish for everyone after i do leave. I just need to focus on studies and shit like that. So ill play every now and then. Just to see how some of you guys are going. Oh and who ever sees Pliskin. Let him know he can hae my forum acc info just to update the list when he needs to :)
  8. yep. Roughly 30 members in Anonymous, although i am quitting after 1 last tournament with my rogue. So goodbye
  9. Yes. I am leaving the game after 1 last tournament with Vortex. The game has become seriously ducked up and its extremely boring. Well you's who have no lives might not think so but i couldn't gives shit about anything other than close friends as family. So ill be on for 2 more weeks. And thats all
  10. Awesome video! I liked it and also u got some skills with ranger! :clapping:
  11. now thats one of those ss that you keep and laugh at it everytime you see it. :lol:
  12. Sith might not be poor. But they are defenetly noob and got raped by a random class party from Vortex. Especially me. A lvl 19 rogue who was +5 at the time :lol:
  13. Lmfao love the ss with Jaw. He's such a woman the ♥♥♥♥♥ got rape in a few hits by my +5 ad +6 rogue when he was in his druid :spiteful:
  14. yea ill add you so once u come online we can talk. I remember when my ranger was my first chat and i joined Anonymous at lvl 18 and i used to be a noob :rofl: but i got better with the help of you guys but mostly Elforme. (Also an old member) we went to same school so he taught me how to kite. Best set ups. And also how to play a ranger well. I got better once i hit 18 used to arena with Acrid back when he has his old druid before it got deleted. Man we used to own. Good times unlike now... Everything has changed game just isn't as fun as it used to be
  15. :shok: wow whos the pro bd who bet them?
  16. shh Tiff. You know im a beast bd :spiteful:
  17. "Shiting on noobs world wide"
  18. i remember when i first started this game. Anonymous used to to own elf side as a 'clan' back in the day. And as you can see in the picture. I used to he a proud member. Anonymous are old school pros! Goodluck to legionn haven't seen you in ages on the game :drinks:
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