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  1. I have not been able to log into the game since the server reset/mcoin daily sale reset. I was wondering if I was the only one have connection problems?
  2. At bosses, those +10 parties are currently getting the drops. So nothing is really going to change when it comes to fighting over the boss.
  3. My dealth call is 1/4, and i can hold agro just fine without agro pots. With mace, no magic, and shield my dmg is 853. It also helps i have 13k+ defense.
  4. I would be nice if the devs would update us on this problem. When i say update, i mean more than " we are aware of this situation, we are working on the problem, please be patient". All the other bugs that came about they have fixed fairly fast.
  5. Maybe they will be able to fix the connection problems 🤨
  6. The connection problems are getting to be a bit ridiculous. One day i can play on mobile data and the next day i can not, or if get on wifi that is the same company as my mobile data i still cant play. The way i see it is, if i cant play then i cant buy mcoins then you dont get paid. Will you please fix this probelm, its getting quite annoying.
  7. Im having the same problem. Had problems Sunday connecting with and with out wifi. Then starting yesterday, i could only connect with wifi.
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