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  1. Titanbone Barbarian LvL 17 :tease:
  2. HHAHAHHAHA!!! Aigrind is angry... They turn off server! :drinks: :drinks: Good job!!
  3. that game is shit now. they want add new map (like norlant swamps) for making money, cuz ppl need to buy repairs.
  4. Dear idiots aigrind! U are really faggots. When u adding new updates u broking game... :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: Dont make more games... Restore old warspear or u lose very much players... Your old player Titanbone... :good: :good:
  5. U asked me for exp. I told you "i have quest 20 exp". :shok: U invite me and told me about summon. When i summon u kicked me and started insulting. "hahah titannoob"....... :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: Bravo for you! :good:
  6. Dear Mountain People! Today i want show you nicks of thiefs and bastards.. If you know more thiefs or bastards: write their nicks and reason :dirol: Traiyez- stealing Hydra, insult, stealing irselnort bosses, no inviting questers! Chronnosbr- force questers to summon hydra, kicking from party them after summon Ridder- insult, spam etc. Rthux- insult low lvls, (he forget his start= 18 lvl tested longsword items 12lvl) Nefretari, Browareq, Browarpol- kid, insult other ppl when they talk right. IF YOU KNOW OTHER WRITE THEIR NICK'S!
  7. titanbone


    Sorry my fault. With +30 astral magic bonus :P
  8. Witam. Chciałbym zapytac czy znalazłby sie ktos ktory mogłby pozyczyc eq na shamana na lvl 13. Z gory dziekuje. :D
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