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  1. a conceptual art (non-participant) only a perspective with wings
  2. Just an old meme to unwind and up the topic xD note: this outfit is not participating, it's just a remake
  3. Yes, my inspiration was Horus, illustrating a mythological god, covering his specific characteristics ,after all, it is a historical narrative. Even the Egyptian dress is not as diverse.
  4. Hi, can anyone avaliate that? Grateful
  5. Hórus Suit Thanks in advance for your attention. Through this topic I present to you, Horus; a god out of his age, lost in arinar. Wrapped with gold threads and precious stones on leather of legendary beasts and Egyptian cloth exclusive to the gods, part in search of new deeds. Costume Features: The most important are the falcon's beak and its imposing eyes. Also his rich pharaonic costume for battles (light and agile), and, possibily, wings.
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