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  1. Thankyou aha, just need to vote for it when it gets officially posted on Facebook I believe.
  2. Thankyou for the acknowledgment at the very least Eh that's debatable, although it is morally saddening. It is also a big problem that can be used almost effortlessly to ruin the points you gain for arena wins/loses and so reduce points of a person's rating. It's only low after one fight but this BD did that's many times and so do others. It's bad Yh I really hope so
  3. I have been troubled by this many times now it really just does not make sense. It is clearly VERY poor map design and is being exploited by characters with certain skills to gain more points in arena without winning or so spite other players of their obvious winnings. Please watch the following clip and I apologise for the few in appropriate uses of language. SVID_20190209_053255_1.mp4
  4. Ya @morgana I really do think it should be added to the game. They guy clearly put so much effort into creating the design and it's truly awesome. I think a giveaway with the 10kmcoins would also be a good idea. Love seeing everyone else's designs though. Creativity at its finest
  5. This design was not created by me personally, so I cannot take credit for the design. I believe the original designer for the costume was named 'Jvalentine' . Athough I do wish for it to be added to the game as it looks simply incredible and I'm sure everyone would agree. The name of the picture would be 'Divine Gatekeeper' although another idea could be to replace the golden detailing of the armour to red and the wings to a dark bloody colour (evil version) and for it to be names 'Unholy Gatekeeper'. If you think it's a good design pls vote for it and leave your comments :). Of course I wouldn't take the 10k mcoins either, I'm sure if this was to be voted best costume design then you could give The mcoins away. Or I could help to give them away in game in some way. would be awesome.
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