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Scammer !


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He said Sell bg endurance gloves for 50 signs + high boots of Berengar's shadow. İ gave him 50 signs but he ignored me after exchange. I WANT TO GET 50 SIGNS BACK AND SKENTAYOS-LKENTAYOS GET BAN !  :sorry: :'(


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one thing that i believe that is your fault hunterdown is that u pressed done without a berengar item on the other side of exchange...On the other hand, he should give you back your signs...i dont know exactly the rules but i am not sure that you will get back your signs...you should not be hurry during an exchange :( .

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I dont know english well but. I'll try.. Our deal : 50 signs in 1st payment. and 2nd payment is bd gloves - ranger boots. but he ignored me after 1st payment.


Then yes he is a scammer :(

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