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Why mcs need to use large potion of deadliness vs elves? thats sad, cant fight regular pvp...

Also mcs lose pvps and have to call on another mc to help kill elf  wow  pathetic..

After mc lose the fight they attack you without notice and when i pot to get my health back so it can be a fair fight because he has already hit me 3 times without me noticing because im typing he tells his friends oh razablade potted vs me he dont fight fair, what a freaking noob. I potted because you hit me 3 times before i even notice because im typing in chat..

Im making this statement so people dont think i cheat i dont cheat i dont need to cheat im too strong for that. if i lose oh well i lose, im not going to get another elf to kill the mc who beat me thats mad pathetic..

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