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  1. I dont hate any mc caue i can kill any of them... real talk..
  2. All these cats u mentioned i have killed in pvp cave.. but never bumped into afro dying to fight him..
  3. yeah you dont have those but i didnt say you were a bad bd your an excellent BD for what you have, you got skill.. im just saying..
  4. yeah i misread oops my bad.. but still true that kaworu beat him more often than not..
  5. No disrespect to kawaru but hes not the best bd.. and u brag manley u beat him six times in a row? I seen kaworu beat your ass in pvp cave plenty of times.. you also quote a comment and take me out of list wtf? How many times i beat your ass.. wow you mad lmao..
  6. sorry lol its sapphire server, purpose is to farm, help lvl up, and kill mcs if they get in the way, also pvp cave battles.. i love to kills mcs who talk trash. What i meant b help lvl up i meant only we help people in our clan to lvl up..
  7. update new members JHOJACKBR, LOKINHAA, WARRIORBR, EXCALIBVR, OLYMPOS, darkprinz, beskentil..
  8. Well my clan is new REAPERZ and trust me i am no kid pm me if your interested same char name.
  9. You can add a new clan to the list REAPERZ clan my clan so far 4 of us.. Razablade, Orkantos, XxchrisxX, Problade..
  10. I have farmed bosses with friends and i find that people who wear arena armor get bg drops, people who wear bg armor get lab drops, but if u have bg armor you probably wont get a bg drop, or anybody wearing in your pt.. This is just an educated guess but i find it true.
  11. i beat you.... iluvweed.. maybe you were high when you fought me.
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