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Fayshine, EU-Emerald


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*Temple of seals*Arena Mode.


The theme of this map is the *Passages* is full of grass just like in chosen map. And sorrounded by waters(Sea or river will be fine.)..So the sorrounding is more relaxing. 


Then ..

About the map...

The Red team's base is in the northern part while the Blue team's base is in the Southern part.


Each team's base has 2 entrances and two exits. So the players can choose on what exit they will take.



There are two exit that leads to Capture points. The Long Route and The Short Route.It is for you to decide which route is perfect for your teams plan.


Since the base of both team is in opposite side. Each team cannot see which route will take of each opponent..which make this map more interresting.. 


I would like to create a map that that give the low amp player a chance againts the high amp player spammer in arena by doin a pure chance teleport without a passage to every capture point.. just like teleporting to kota in norlant.. but i think that is terribly boring so i just come up with this idea...


So.. thats it.. thank you.




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The idea of betting on one of the passages is very exciting, but the strongest team can see the players in the area by their nicks and would still choose the faster way and kill the weak team if necessary.. winning by time or force. So I can't see real opportunites for low amps. 

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Anyway  fay. Im currently using my fellow player and also my beloved cousins account just to reply. :) 


Unfortunately i cant access in my acc.. I forgot my pass..since im just using this acc for  events. Maybe thats the reason :( . I think i write it somewhere in my notebook. I'll find it as soon as possible.. :'(



Have a good day to all^^

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I mean.. the strongest group can just capture the seals together using the faster passages and if confronted, would still win. Idk if I'm being clear either, just can't see how the weak team has great chances to win considering the map design has only one path to scape. Good luck ay! 

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Naaaah! >_< i dont know how to explain it in english. Im so sorry >_<..

I've really wanted to debate.^^

 Since its interresting.. But i still learning english language..(>///<)

"I still believe that with the one who hold  great strategy will always win"^^

But thank you miss Akasha. :)


I just wanted to tell.. i've got my acc. Back. Yay...... found it in the last third page of my Diary.. :[. Im so happy.. ^^


I've Also wanted to Congratulate everyone.. may the best one will win. ^^



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