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  1. Anyway fay. Im currently using my fellow player and also my beloved cousins account just to reply. :) Unfortunately i cant access in my acc.. I forgot my pass..since im just using this acc for events. Maybe thats the reason :( . I think i write it somewhere in my notebook. I'll find it as soon as possible.. :'( . . Have a good day to all^^
  2. Yes. It is Indeed need a team communication. Because it is the essence of playing 3 vs 3 arena. You are not playing only for yourself but as a team. Playing along with friends and team participation is essential to win. Sorry for **super** delay reply. Kind busy for past few weeks. :)
  3. Temple of seals. Desire arena map. Theme: Grass land Description: Since this map is somehow similar to The Temple of seals map we all known, I will discuss the diffence of this map to Temple of seals map, Okay?.and how it become special. First: The Capture Point No. 2 is isolated. I mean there is no passages that connected to it. but how to get it there?... of course... Using the teleport. but the thing is... first The 3 player have to stand up to the Three Z point at thesame time for 3 secs. And then the *Teleport to Capture point number 2* will open. You can use that to teleport to (Capture Point No. 2). Second: how do we get out when we are in capture point 2?? once again the use of teleport. I know, I know i am abusing the use of tele...xD inside the capture point no 2 you can decide where you can to tele.. you can choose between Cature Point no. 1 or Capture point no. 2. Third: There is what i called *Passages 2* The function of this *Passages 2* is every 30 sec.... this passage will be active... and once its activate.. every player inside this passage will receive the negative effect Silence for 3 Seconds. The means you cannot use you skill.. bwahaha... Thats it.. hehe.. Thanks.. And sorry i dont know how to put image before this.. so i put it in the end of this message.. i hope you understand everything i said.. if your you can ask through comment. I am willing to Answer to your question.. thank you.
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