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hacker???! :O


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i was on my elf ,played for hour then,net got slow,and when i want re-log,game said your pass or user is wrong! :shok:

5days in past  when i was on my mc char game said another ppl connect to my account (no1 know my pass and user) but i changed my password fast...

but this time.......  :facepalm:

anyone know how to take it back!?? :wacko:

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lost ranger too  :shok:

but he was lvl 2 ;D

but,what if main chars got hacked??! :wacko:

do quest for lvl up,hunt boss for gear,buy mc to be strong,then lost account?!??  :facepalm:

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Go check your computer fast!


You have a keylogger on your computer probably!


How to check it:




Choose transactions


Check services.exe if it writes ADMIN next to it that means your computer has a keylogger.

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i have Norton Internet Security  + hardware on keyboard for keylogger!  :facepalm:



There are keyloggers which can easily act like they aren't a keylogger.

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