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disscus about what shd be new lock skill

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Well. All who plays locks and are decents with them will know at least 2 things. Locks works wirh vamp but still need pesudoheal skill

and even +10 locks 29% resi cant resist to full +10 bd hamstring, and maybe, if got surprised, a rogue in same case. We all know locks need to kite for survive, and need to timing well stun skills for dont waste tht stuns secs.

So, maybe, new skills could be 2 possibilietes. As i repeat maaaany times, a skill like sun seal. Same as vamp, according dmg u deal, u would restore a % of that dmg dealt. Or, in easy tree boss has "negative heal" means if u atk her while is in dark heal, she will heal instead recieving dmg. Well, if u modify that, and add to lock similar skill it would work. It gives u a shield that absorbs some hp of u taken. The mor lev, the more u absorb and last longer. Once u pass some amount ir would break. Tht would be good and still balance, coz at least we could survive if we time well rhat skill for prevent bursts. And aslo helps in pve. Another skill shd be modify a bit. About stonebody. 1 of 3.

1) when stonebody end, it stun in near area. Stun depends of skill level ofc

2) can choose skills and target but canr use till.it break. (im sure someone tryied to kill a friendly dealer tryng to do skill on him, but when u are in range of skill it cancel, well, tht would be same, but it dont cast till stone not break)

3) (and most impossible) make still can use skill till stonebody on. Cant move ofc, but can atk and use skill, why not


so pls, share oppinions :)

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