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Sistem or ADM vs me?

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Hello im Snake lider from DeStiNy in Br.- Tourmaline

Last week i was mute for 1 week i seend a email and support answer wss for bad words in world chat and rulez voilation.. lol?? When all ppl in world chat are doing it why only im muted?? But its ok i have wait my penalization, 2 days ago i do my 7 days mute... and now when i was talking with firned in private chat (PRIVATE CHAT) sufdenly i was mute for 719 DAYS.. WHY? If i dont speak in world chat anithing bad words. I cant invite players at guild, i cant do parties, i cant talk with anyone plsyet-guild member, why im muted now??

I need u chek it, why i was mute and who are doing it.. because if i have some GM or ADM against vs ME better i stop play, but ibthink it not justice.. when i ever buy miracle coins and i invite my friends play with me


Please read and attends my request

Thanks. Snake

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