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A more 'selective' arena demanding system

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As the name suggests, a way for people to choose what arenas they want to go in instead of having to 'apply for all' or just go into 1 of them.

Here's the concept:

So when a player demands, a signal is shown on that screen that they have signed up for that particular arena mode.

This just replaces the old 'remove demand' button that just removes all of the demands completely.



Note: this button can just be added into the arena selection menu.

Why? Self explanatory; Not everyone wants to go in all the arenas at once, and not everyone just wants to do one of them either.

not really that important right now but It can also be useful once 3x3 comes back (and a lot more future arena modes).
I figured you dev's might've thought of something like this already, but if you haven't then I hope you consider it.

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