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Newbie question


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Ok embarrassing questions here. New to the game but veteran MMO player. I feel like a noob but its not as easy to game on my phone vs the computer lol.


So my noob questions.....how often do you get skills? Where are the trainers and is there any crafting in this game?


I tried to find a comprehensive site to learn about the game but didn't find much.


Any help would be appreciated




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I joined only two months ago. I think I can relate to how u feel. When I first started here I felt bewildered becuz there isnt any sites/good guides. But the good thing is, a lot of nice ppl will answer your questions in forum :)


Anyway, you get new skill points at every second lvl, like lvl 2,4,6,8 etc. 20 is the highest lvl. At lvl 10 and 20 u get 2 skill points instead of one. U can lvl up only by doing quests and getting xp. Dont spend ur gold on buying armors and weapons now. U get gold and gears from quests.


Good luck with the game :drinks:


P.S. This game has no crafting skills. All skills are combat based. Shamans and druids have healing skill.

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you cant get a new skill

if there are new skill, the developer will add it in the update sometimes


just wait for the next update, lots of new classes and skills  :yahoo:

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So I have 9 open slots  but only 5 skills.....are they taunting me? XD


Maybe ;D


You can use the four empty slots to assign hotkeys. For example if you have any item in your bag that can be used (food, potion, scrolls etc) then select that item and assign hotkey.

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