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I don't know what happens in this game, but for years many people have said that the game favors elves, this time I wanted to understand what's the point of giving a talent to the druid that when used, no one can do anything? In general, the MC side complains about this but nothing is done to change this. If it's the rangers, the guys already hit like hell, they even take them and give them a talent to increase the damage even more, I have the Hunter Full +10 set arena 33, while I'm going against a +8+9 ranger, while I hit 4... 5 times to try to kill the +8+9 ranger, they only kill 2... 3 times, what's the balance there? ? I've been playing this for many years but I'm almost stopping playing altogether due to this injustice of looking at just one side. we need real balance.

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