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Darkness - The Shadow Devourer


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From years ago warriors had fought the power coming through th portal of th shadows. Some time has past for a while, since a brave warrior, whose name had been forgotten from the mind of the people of Arinar. This warrior enter the portal, but never went out.


Many people think that the warrior died at the nads of the shadows, but it just what people talk about...


Now... we know the truth, this warrior never end in the room if the shadows...


One day, we hear a scary roar coming through the portal... we just run away, but a voice avise us... "come here my mates and see the true power of the shadows".


We did groups and enter the portal one more time... what we see its unbelievable! The warrior transform into a beast made of darkness!





If anyone read this... please, protect our world, we couldn't won this creature... end up the life of the shadow beast. My partners are getting killed and I will die too, so please revenge us and save Arinar...


-In a last breath, we pray moon and sun warriors to seal this beast to prevent it escape-




              At it is said in the story, the location it will be in a different place of the Portal of Shadows.

To enter you have to follow a simple quest that will brings you from:

  • Elves and Chosen: Arnold (Kamp-Riff)
  • Mountain Clans and Forsaken: Helg (Camp Legion)

This quest gives you a simpke item (a ring without anything, like an Hydra Bait) and leaves you enter to the boss place, where the corpse of the warrior that wrote the letter stand near entrance, and there you finish the quests (you will get 5 Experience points).



The boss has 2 mods: Normal and Enraged

It has 1.5m Hp and 800 of Energy


Normal Mod: From 1.5m Hp to 750k Hp (Color: Black, like image)

Attacks: Ball Lighting / Fear

Special Stats: Lifesteal - 10%

Damage: More magic power (500)


Enraged Mod: From 750k Hp to 0 Hp (Color: Red)

Attacks: Flash Strike / Counterattack

Special Stats: Invulnerability (every 30 seconds, the buff stand for 2 seconds)

Damage: More physical damage (850)



It will have 3 drops:

  • Costume: [shadow Devourer Costume]
  • Physical amulet: Lv24 item [Darkness Amulet]

                              -Magic Defense: 375

                              -Fortitude: 250

                              -Amor Penetration: 5%

                              -Invulnerability: 2.5%

  • Magic Amulet: Lv24 item [Devourer Pendat]

                                      -Magic Defense: 375

                                      -Energy Restoration: 17

                               -Magic Power: 30

                               -Invulnerability: 2.5%

>Invulnerability: Probability while receiving an attack to become invulnerable for 2 seconds (Only for damage, does not apply for control effects).


+Some special points

This boss wont be alive whole time (removing when you hunt it). The respawn life time it will be 6 hours.

-Why? It need to recover it power (in normla language, to skip the proxy farming purposes), a global message will appear  to every player:

"The darkness has renoval its powers..."

With this you will know that it is alive to kill it again.

-When you want to fight this creature, the Blood Orb (the orb of its chest) will be in the middle of room, when you touch it it will display a message:

"You want to prove my power!?


Okey then, I will give you a chance... TO DIE!!!"

And a Fear will cover the whole room, and the fight wil begin.




Darkness - The Shadow Devourer.jpg

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