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Skills balancing


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Elf buffs all are party support buffs , since first ever Aura till lately dragon eye , Thats total Bullshit balance.

Dragon eye for all pt? R u joking? So its 1 mage with 4/4 skill take a full pt at dung with pene rings , crit belts literly lowest possible energy regen , and pOooOop all pt almost full energy all the time.really this game passying through strange logics and crazy balance system

The buff made as a solo thing for the mage was Op skill for awesome class, but turning it to all allies buff is just wtf.

Not to mention the Op druid of 3 heal skills and 3.5 stuns,and the best thing to mention is that this post worthless and wont change a thing, just posting it coz game down.

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