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Priest Christmas balance


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What bothers me on Priest is that in pvp it lacks sustain(especially against fisical dmd classes, that kills too fast even a full gz+10 class),resistance (It suffers a lot off stun and control without any skill to defend themselves) and the cure is too low compared with BM, Druids, Shaman, even Chief and templar can cure more than Priest.


I'm talking from an all gz 32 +10 crited with tons of non-class books.


Changes I would love to see in the Priest.

Buff cure at least 2x

Buff shield

Maybe redemption should create an area on the ground for a short period of time that cures continuously and removes debuffs and control continuously.


I would add that the DMG of my priest is ok.


In general I think DMG of fisical classes should be nerfed on pvp, dependence of tank classes should be increased on pve( all of the PvE content can be done without a tank in the party), control skills of legion classes should be nerfed.




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