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story until it can play a game warspear

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This is the story of my journey to get to know warspear online game and play it: I am among those who like to play online games from the game: TibiaME, Rhynn, Anrufen, world of dragon. I am beginning to know this game as of 2009. so like play online game, I always browse to look for an online game for mobile phones. until finally I found this warspear game.


but it was still in Russian language. Then I tried to play this game, at first very difficult to list, so want to play this game then I downloaded the russian dictionary, trying to understand the Russian alphabet. and try to translate the menu for registration warspear game and finally succeeded. last until the character creation menu after it finally came to the game. when the game starts I see, ohhh this game is so cool luminous statue of a woman, then I saw a naked player, and use of arms, and around it there are places like the players practice boxing again, and then I asked the same players, but no one understands my language . then I joined wooden boxing, in my mind I will definitely increase the strength of character. but after a long time to be bored. then I saw a blue exclamation point on a npc the game. then i try to press the Russian language but appears that I do not understand, until it occurred to translate, it took many hours for completing the quest. and finally get a weapon of wood, and I try to hunt but dead on. then I saw another player walking across the barrier but then I took a black wolf chased and finally mati.lalu I stop playing this game, because it is very difficult to understand the words, I stopped playing this game after day 4 and I think maybe one day will update in english ...... then I play another online game called anrufen: anrufen game until no more updates will be closed because they have issues in 2010 ...... after a long time ahead,,, I tried to browse the online game again eventually I'll see you online in a single game warspear people's blogs. . . . then I started reading these blogs have updated the game was in english ... I then immediately link to download the game .... then try and make a list of characters: the reason why I can choose the Mountain Clans Faction symbol as a symbol of orcs as if the game Lineage 2. strong orcs, so I chose the MC and make shaman class, because I like characters with a magic name: Supersaiya. I am beginning to play this game very dizzy because of difficult quest, then I tried to finish ahead of several hours finally naek rank so V 2 brown. then I met with other players, then there is the quest hard and I invite other players to join the quest is complete,,,, so like to play this game sometimes does not sleep that night ......... the map in Mountain clan leader only to limit point eared monster, then I was promoted V 3 and the quest has finished no one can do and stop playing this game a few days, finally the new map update again last city. that there are monsters leader torar fat. at that time to continue playing this game we have to renew active period in order to play this game .. to make payments and sms payment paypal,,,, and after tu I also have completed all the quests in town last. and in my mind what this game has to end like anrufen made just experiment. and it was not .... game maker resume update with features of the island both > because I can not bear to leave the character I played had great difficulty and also a lot of experience of these characters nick: Supersaiya ..... but sometimes I feel my shaman character is not strong and rapidly lost, sometimes in my mind thinking of trying to play other characters, and then eventually the game makers to do more updates and new skills are applied in all the great shaman. I was never tired of playing my character,,,,, .... and finally this game continues to perform regularly update every week ... until the update feature Miracle Shop. You will be Able to buy Certain types of items with a new game currency - Miracle Coins, the which can be bought for real money. All Items can be sent to other players for free or sold in the trade. Initially I did not feel the burden of cost, up to now want to buy a miracle instantly via sms but strangely coin call from my mobile balance is not sufficient but that's when I managed to purchase knowing that this game there is a bug ... then I told my friend and he kingerrs go try and buy a lot of coin miracle and warspear game makers feel the loss, then block all accounts warspear players who take advantage of the bug and then doing the updater bug fixes> after the update finished my characters can be accessed again. . kingerrs account the severity of my friends can not be accessed anymore because it is still diblock until now, e-mail to support the game he said diblock forever. I do not I like this game more and update more costly for such a strong, amplify weapons, scrolls arena, and the other clothes. since the update amplify weapons and so I've rarely bought miracle coin costs more because it is not enough, just think to amplify a very difficult weapon +10 we are required to buy crystal damage and then sign to keep the weapons are not damaged, as I thought. this game is like a shopping store, but the design is very good game in terms of charting a mobile phone online games than others. until now my activities in this game alone WAR only with other players, in fact many activities such as hunting in this game a new item in the astral labyrinth: but for me it was boring, so every day my firstborn WAR with the players and many strong as : Analyze, Xxpinoyxx, xmoonlight, saffo, edgeshadow, xkakarotozx, kyooo, nepz and many more, I think a lot of fun, and certainly for the first player born diUSSAPHIRE many have I killed, I also often killed by the player and my firstborn is upset, angry. but I think it's just a game so just for fun. and then it occurred to me to make a video clip entitled warpsear messenger god of death, which in the video are my own killed many elves as gods messenger of death, I made this video is not to suggest that I'm strong, but just for the fun of it Since this game only . This is my story


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