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Strymor, Br tourmaline, Deadly Oasis

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There are many Travelers who enter the desert and never leave it again, few tell favorable stories, the Almahad desert, a place full of many mysteries, dangers, wonders, treasures and mythical creatures. A single guild of the legion made up of only barbarians decided to make an expedition into said desert since they aspired to find some ruins where there were some engravings that could help increase their power a lot. They would have to go a long way and the desert can also be treacherous with its sandstorms the barbarians advanced And as resources were drawn in they were depleted The frosty nights and hellish days did not make it easy for the barbarians despite their great Resilience at a time when madness invaded them and they believed that everything was lost they found an oasis they immediately headed towards it exhausted from the fights with different creatures such as giant scorpions they felt relieved because they could quench their thirst and rest however everything darkened as soon as they got there after that only two barbarians returned to the city and they tell the story of how upon entering the Oasis and trying to drink its water their companions began to die those who drank were poisoned the Oasis began to disappear it was a lure and they found themselves in the jaws of a great monster whose fangs had no end, It had huge claws and several eyes, hard scales, it was a giant with the appearance of a beast and an insect at the same time. Those two were thrown into the air while the last thing they saw was their companions being massacred and as they could, the two highly wounded barbarians escaped, in the agony they had from the different wounds and the hemorrhages the amount of blood lost were in their last words they warned the people of the fearsome creature of the desert that time And who they baptized Deadly Oasis people did not believe much of what they said despite seeing his wounds as soon as the two barbarians closed their eyes the Earth felt as if it trembled and at the entrance to the city something gigantic began to emerge all the citizens saw with their own eyes the death that was stalking them the beast had followed them both barbarians, there was no longer hope for that city because before their eyes they could contemplate a deadly Oasis.

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I was gonna judge or criticize the story for the lack of commas and periods but I saw your complain about this being a translated work and how you are having trouble telling a story that will be good when translated. So here I am to say that even if it's translated and with all it's problems it is still a good story and I appreciate your effort so congrats! :clapping:

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