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  1. You don't understand what I means, yeah is an effect, but is badstructure the skill, the effect can't be diferent for each class, at least if that class have the ability to improve this effect, un this case only barbarian, but the bleed of barbarian is to weak than the normal bleed, class dmg give a strike and add bleed, and thems bleeds do more dmg than the barbarian, when the bleed would be strongh un barbarian because si the only class with skill to improve this effect.
  2. Sorry but bleed is an effect, but barbarian have the directo ability yo apply bleed only apply doesn't hace dmg before, but other clases have abilitys that can apply dmg and apply bleed effect and this effect is more strongh than the barbarian effect, why?, Their abilitys don't have the effect ti increase the bleed dmg, barbarian have the ability yo increase de bleed dmg but one chief do more dmg with 1000 atk, with bleed than barbarian with ability 5/5 + knowless ability +5% + 12% G. Punish and 1449 atk, I test with a friend and he do 800+ 1k dmg for each bleed, with his chief and me with allá of this and more dmg only 460, why, here don't apply if is a dmg class, because we're talking about 1 effect, and the only class with ability to increase this dmg effect is a barbarian, y can understand what I wanna mean? The básic dmg of bleed should be a específic for everyone for example 100 x hit, but increase the amount dmg with your atk, but only barbarian have the capacity to increase this damage because is his ability, don't import if is a tank class, and the real question is why here bleed of barbarian do less dmg with mor atk than other classes if a bleed is an effect of the Game
  3. Hoje venho comentar sobre algo que vem me incomodando a muito tempo e é a habilidade de corte do bárbaro, é uma habilidade que é pouco mais que ofensiva para o usuário e estou me referindo a um INSULTO, a habilidade não tem um golpe inicial, só causa o efeito de sangramento e pronto, mas curiosamente o sangramento de todos os outros personagens que se causarem dano antes de impor um sangramento tem um dano mais que decente no referido efeito, acho que até o sangramento da relíquia faz mais dano do que o bárbaro em 5/5. Agora sim, o efeito de sangramento como tal é uma habilidade nata do bárbaro, não deveria ser melhor nele do que nos outros personagens? Bom pessoal, deixem-me dizer NÃO, é uma habilidade de dar gargalhadas e ainda tem um talento para aumentar o dano de sangramento em 5%... Para quê? Não serve para nada e eu vou te mostrar como tirar sarro do bárbaro e sua habilidade de preenchimento 20220430_110521.mp4 1449 dmg +5% talento +12% na relic para bate 460 Olha OS sangramento em otra clase, Sangramento em brb precisa um buff 100% dmg Acho eu. Obrigado
  4. Today I come to comment on something that has been bothering me for a long time and it is the barbarian's cut ability, it is an ability that is little more than offensive for the user and I am referring to an INSULT, the ability does not have an initial blow, it only causes the bleeding effect and that's it, but interestingly the bleed of all the other characters that if they deal damage before imposing a bleed have more than decent damage on said effect, I think even the bleed of the relic does more damage than the barbarian on 5/5. Now yes the bleeding effect as such is a born ability of the barbarian shouldn't it be better in it than on the other characters? Well folks, let me tell you NO, it's a laugh-out-loud skill and it even has a talent to increase bleeding damage by 5%... For what? Good for nothing and I'll show you how to make fun of the barbarian and his padding ability. 20220430_110521.mp4 U have fin? Let me show You a little more. Not only 1449 dmg for only hit 460 dmg for strike see this. Beyond of jokes, is very very sad, all the clases and i think the bleeding relic too do more damage than barbarian when this skill is native is the effect not apply other damge only bleeding but with high dmg and talent and high relic that damage is only a joke, of the bleed is only a effect why chance the dmg depending the class? For me is very necesary increase the barbarian bleeding skill a least in 100% of dmg. 1449 dmg + 5% talent + 12% great punish For 460 dmg un strike, thats very fun. Really I will wait take this post seriously and rework the ability. Thanks
  5. Hoy vengo a comentar algo que lleva muchísimo tiempo molestandome y es la habilidad corte del bárbaro, es una habilidad poco más que ofensiva para el usuario y me refiero a un INSULTO, la habilidad no tiene un golpe inicial únicamente causa el efecto hemorragia y ya, pero curiosamente la hemorragia de todos los otros personajes que si hacen daño antes de imponer una hemorragia tienen un daño más que decente en dicho efecto, creo que incluso la hemorragia de la reliquia hace más daño que la del bárbaro en 5/5. Ahora sí la hemorragia el efecto como tal es una habilidad nata del bárbaro no debería ser mejor en el que sobre los otros personajes? Pues amigos déjenme decirles que NO, es una habilidad para morirse de la risa e incluso tiene un talento para aumentar 5% el daño de la hemorragia... Para que? Bueno para nada y les mostraré como se burlan del bárbaro y su habilidad de relleno 20220430_110521.mp4 Nótese que con 1449 de ataque físico el daño de nuestra hemorragia es de 460 por golpe hahaahah pero esto no es todo Así es tenemos talento de corte + y la gran reliquia del castigo, es un daño demasiado demasiado bajo para esta habilidad y comparado con otros personajes que usan habilidades de daño y que como efecto meten hemorragia la diferencia de daño es abismal, y ellos con menor daño y sin reliquias. La habilidad CORTE del bárbaro necesita un incremento de daño de almenos 100% esta habilidad es una de las mayores burlas y siendo hemorragia un efecto no debería tener un factor modificador de daño dependiendo la clase y si así lo fuera el mayor daño lo debería tener el bárbaro ya que es una habilidad nata el meter solo el estado hemorragia.
  6. I will start by saying that the barbarian is an open class to subclass so to speak, and is a great hero as it can be armed in multiple ways, the most common being the tank, I will add the hybrid and the damager. Note: For all Barbarian types highly recommended Barbarian Nature Experts (used to remove or avoid negative effects) and Last Wish (passive skill that reduces the damage you take for a short time when your life reaches a certain %) TANK This type of barbarian is mainly made up of these factors, which from left to right would be, avoidance, blocking, firmness and the respective blocking/evasion talent. Both dodging and blocking allow you to avoid attacks, with blocking helping you to avoid more diversity of attacks, on the other hand, firmness decreases the chance of you receiving critical attacks from monsters, and also reduces the critical damage received by monsters. Thetanky barbarian is very resistant if he is armed with a lot of avoidance and blocking (maximum blocking 25%) since he will avoid many attacks, his stone skin expert passive will help him to mitigate a lot of the damage received, and added to the avoidance and blocking will work better as it will have time to build up its passives. Aggression: It is very important that the tank barbarian has high aggression skills, since he is generally in groups and must provoke the monsters to attack him and thus guarantee the survival of the group, his aggression skills are taunt and scream of war the latter apart from making aggression in the area will increase your defenses, and the physical defense the more you have your firmness will increase, finally the roar is very important since it reduces the damage done by the enemies that are in range of the skill for a while . The equipment of the tank barbarians can vary a lot depending on the taste without losing sight of the elusion and blocking between them we find. - Heroic equipment (the red one) of Christmas that carries resistance which is very good to avoid altered states. - Life forging equipment increased by %, for those who seek a lot of life and work with combat fury (expert that increases damage and heals the user by % of their maximum life) - Defensive heroic equipment, those who like to raise their defenses a lot. Among others armed at random and different combinations according to preferences. HYBRID Hybrid of skills This type of barbarian neglects his defenses a bit to get access to his abilities faster, and also add a little to the damage part, a somewhat balanced combination between defense and moderate damage For which you will need skill time reduction known as CD, if possible increase your maximum energy and have good energy regeneration, on the tank side you can add some firmness to increase your survivability, yourbasic skills can to go Aggression at 3/5 + Large Aggression Relic Damage at 5/5 between hit and cut, I would recommend raising the cut more because if you have it at 1/5 the damage is excessively low and at 5/5 it is not much but it does something else and you would have an extra ability dealing damage. Roar at 5/5 The equipment is usually varied depending on the preferences of the player, if you want more cd, or a little more firmness, avoidance or blocking, for this type of barbarian 20% blocking is more than good. This type of barbarian could use some vampirism in runes to help his survival and give rise to other equipment such as some with anger to increase your damage. Expert skills for a cd hybrid would recommend using max stone skin, max combat fury, max defeat, defeat could be changed to berserker if you lack penetration. Buying Shield Bash increases the amount of damage skills you can use. Hybrid of speed This type of barbarian focuses on defending and attacking maximum speed with basic hits, it is composed very similar in the defensive part as the hybrid of skills, but in the offense because it is based on his basic attacks, his equipment is somewhat difficult to constitute if you want to get its full potential, since it required rage, attack strength, piercing, critical, attack speed, and penetration. the equipment depends on the style and consideration of each player if he wants more piercing more critical etc, the barbarian has a talent that after giving a certain amount of basic hits his next basic attack will be a piercing hit (ignores the enemy's defense), so This talent is highly recommended. In terms of skills, this could be oriented towards Roar5/5 Taunt5/5, Damage 3/5 <> Taunt 3/5, Damage 5/5 Player's preference As forthe experts stone skin 4/4 Combat Fury 4/4 (heal and damage increase) Berserker 4/4 ( 20% attack speed and penetration when using a one-handed weapon, the same if you use the weapon with the shield ) The idea of this barbarian is to make basic hits as strong as possible, even so his damage cannot be seen to the maximum because a part of the equipment is oriented to the defensive part DAMAGE 2 handed speed damager The most expensive barbarian, but just as it costs damage, for this barbarian to obtain its maximum potential it will need the 2 attack speed books in the game, among its equipment the 2-handed spring sword with 10% attack force , bring some rage, some piercing, his piercing blows talent, team with attack speed, and try to get most of his team to bring attack force to increase the damage of his basics. The use of vampiric runes suits this barbarian very well due to its massive damage, its disadvantage is that it attacks 1 target at a time. basic skills Roar 5/5 (just in case you need to reduce the enemy's damage) the rest of your choice. Experts stoneskin 4/4 combat fury 4/4 Berserker4/4 (in this case, instead of attack speed, it will increase the damage due to the use of a 2-handed weapon, which continues to give penetration) 2 handed skills damager This 2-handed barbarian is a little cheaper and can cast his abilities much faster, unfortunately this type of barbarian only has 3 damage abilities, discarding the charge since you must move away to use this. This one can have dodge added to it to have a bit more durability and it's much easier to add to this one than attack speed due to the equips, it will need energy regeneration for multiple use of abilities, it will go for increased damage, as much cd as possible to quickly use his abilities. Your basics would be preferably hit5/5 cut 5/5 Roar3/5 (It could be roar 5/5 and hit 3/5, I do not recommend charging the charge because if you get close in case of fighting a boss, it is an ability that you will almost never use during the battle) The experts could be Combat Fury 4/4 (more damage) Berserker4/4 (more damage and penetration) Defeat4/4 (Aoe skill, bleeding combo, barbarian's strongest damage skill) Ifyou feel that you can't take long you could try to suppress one of the first two abilities since it defeats 1/4 it is not worth much it has a great difference in damage between 1/4 and 4/4 and place stone skin 4/4 instead . Note: Vampiric runes help ensure your survival. As for the equipment, things with cd, the reg energy can preferably go in a cape and amulet so that it frees the crystals from the rings and thus you can take advantage of better crystals, the weapon can be a level 32 amplified forge axe that is quite good or a two-handed weapon of your choice. I clarify that these are not the only ways to build a barbarian since this guide is based on pve, and even in pve there may be other subclasses, I also add that potions, scrolls and food are part of the game so it is more than valid using them to enhance the hero, finally for any type of barbarian some cd is good for him, as well as firmness (every hero). -Strymor-
  7. Es muy cierto esto,, apoyo la nocion, queremos equilibrio real
  8. Not only buff, i speaking about the ablitys have a unuseful parts of skills, but telling about bff, the bleeding skills is very very los dmg, what is his funtion? Igual say, why put skills to you dont use, un this case is better érase this skills
  9. -Shield hit damage should get a bonus based on the user's defense. -Defeat should be able to transmit the hemorrhage to enemies hit by it. -The berserk lasts a very short time active, the parameters are fine, but its duration is very very low. -Last wish was better when it gave you seconds of immortality, it is a skill that nobody uses 4/4, to make it more attractive, massive life regeneration effect or auto fill health could be added, like an extra life. -shout of fury I think that is what it is called, it is a skill little used because the maximum blockade 25% is easily reached, half of its function is useless, this skill practically only serves to reduce the penetration of the enemy which also does if few use it, the part that gives block and that bypassing or reflecting a part of the damage could be replaced (the latter in turn makes it more desirable to use relics of retribution and use the 4 pieces of said equipment and their runes) instead , or even reduce another enemy parameter. -Adding some extra area damage skill in exchange for a% of their life would not be bad since if we talk about barbarians they were large and strong warriors who went beyond their wounds and delivered to combat, like a thirst for blood that enters The more wounds they had were called more anger and adrenaline and made them very dangerous. -As I mentioned before maybe something that reflects damage between its abilities or a passive could be expensive to give more value to the retribution equipment. I hope this serves as a contribution to generate good ideas and above all contribute to the good development of the game. Thanks -Strymor-
  10. Strymor

    2 cosas

    El daño de 5% del corte no es como dice la descripción que es basado en el 5% de mi ataque, creo que se basa en su propio daño básico de la habilidad más no es lo que dice la descripción. 2) los logros de calabozos míticos están prácticamente imposibles, dice que hacer el calabozo de los piratas mítico en 4 minutos cuando 4 minutos es lo que uno se demora caminando hasta haya, si es por llevar un grupo full daño, entonces un tanque nunca podrá hacer ese logro? Realmente es exagerado el tiempo que piden para hacer calabozo minimo, no es porque sea más fácil es que literal es prácticamente imposible
  11. A decir verdad mi idea original para el vídeo no era esa si no un proyecto que tengo en mente pero al ver las exigencias me frustre y preferí no hacerlo
  12. Cuando llegan los premios por participar? Me darán los 10 baúles? Porque si ya los dieron a mí aún no me han llegado Strymor Br tourmaline
  13. Servidor BR TOURMALINE Nick Strymor
  14. Mi móvil no me permite editar vídeos a 720p podría ser a menos el vídeo deverdad no tengo los recursos económicos para conseguir un mejor dispositivo para hacer el video
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