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Kind of Confused And Angry


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So today arena tickets went on sale, and i offered 900 gold per set of ticket. i traded with xpvpbladex on US saphire 10 sets of these tickets, and then went on to trade to another person, instructing blade to wait as after i was done with this other transaction. since trading sets takes along time to accrue gold (7000 MC to gold , i think it took two hours?) i kept instructing blade to wait, but after awhile started getting harassed and cussed at. at the end of my transaction, i was willing to sell 7 more sets to blade, but at this point they had blocked me and started spamming that i was a scammer. eventually, one of their other buddys started messaging me, telling me that i was going to get reported, that they had family that posted on the forums, to enjoy my "last five days of playing WS" and even pm'ed my guildmates, but of course the story had changed. Now, apparently, this friend of pvpblade had given me a hatchet of SD for 5 sets of tickets, and i was supposed to give more sets(at market rate, that would be another 19 sets). i was told i had scammed an old player. couple of questions though:

if your an old player, at what point do u give someone 50k(that u dont know) and expect not to get scammed? not saying im a scammer, but seriously, common sense here people.

second; i am a paladin, why would i scam a hatchet?

third: I usually buy on weekend sales 20-50$ USD in MC. roughly, it translates to 60 Set signs, which is 1,200,000 gold a weekend. why would i feel the need to steal an item from a child on a video game, when i pay my own way?

this is a very sour experience for me, i am kind of saddened that the mentality "if i cant get my way, ill have a case of sour grapes and sully someone's good reputation." but i mean, what can i expect when im playing a game filled with preteen children telling boner stories -_-;;? btw, my name is Apocrypha on US Sapphire, you can pm me, or those that know me, and they will all tell u the same. im newb as hell, but am a good guy, and have never scammed anyone. thanks for reading. hope gm doesnt decide to delete my acct based on heresay.

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